Karma-based Metroidvania Game Gold Project Goes Live on Kickstarter


Indie developers Dreamirl have officially launched the first video game for Kickstarter: a karma-based Metroidvania titled Gold Project. In this title, you will choose between the Light of God and the God of Gold, as you venture into a land divided into corruption and chaos.

As you play, your decisions will shape the rest of your journey, either taking you down the path to purity or one of darkness and greed. You can check out a list of the Gold Project’s features right below:

Gold project combat
  • Venture into frenetic metroidvania discovers the origin of a world corrupted by gold and populated by abominations.
  • Your karma evolves along with your actions, closing paths and opening new ones. The Gold Project depends on your choices.
  • A light-rpg skill system, one for the light and one for the gold! Oscillate between spell-caster and raw power!
  • Alternate between platforming and combat in each zone in a non-linear way with a multiitude of epic bosses to fight!
  • Enjoy the artistic vision of Camille Unknown who offers striking pixel-art, where gigantism and subtlety are the key words.
  • Let yourself be carried away by the musical universe created by the duo Sarys X MisterMV to discover an epic storyline rich in emotions.
  • The game will be translated into French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and German (others will be added based on community requests).
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Anyone interested in becoming a backer for the Gold Project Kickstarter Can head over to the official page. Currently, the game has a goal of $ 135,237, with over $ 20,000 already being donated. If successful, Dreamirl plans to release for PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo.

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