Kevin Spacey has been officially hired for a new movie

After many years of absence on the big screenfor issues related to some accusations which we will discuss later, Kevin Spacey is officially hired for a new movie.

As we can all remember, 2017 was a bad year for the actor in questionIn fact, some allegations of harassment were brought against him. Unfortunately, this sword of Damocles did not weigh heavily on the actor’s career, prompting some film companies to fire the actor, while others to terminate future collaboration contracts with the actor.

Several videos followed on social media, in which Kevin Spacey tried to defend himself by talking on the camera, as you can read in our article, and in which he stated that he was not willing to pay for accusations about actions that he had not actually committed.

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At the beginning of January 2020, the actor sees the dismissal of both claims of violence, and it will eventually come to a “cleansing” of its image. A half-way victory, considering he will be awarding to pay $30 million in damages to MRC for his departure from the House of Cards series.

But all is well what ends well, in fact the news is recent that Kevin Spacey was cast to star in the film Gateway to the Westa film directed by director Péter Soós.

The cast also features Eric Roberts, Christopher Lambert and Terence Stamp, while the screenplay is by Aron Horvath and Joan Lane. The film will tell about Genghis Khan’s nephew, Batu Khan, who will be entrusted with the mission of invading Europe.

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The meeting with a man of the clergy (Kevin Spacey) and the grueling resistance in battles of a Hungarian castle, however, will manage to stop the Mongol advance and thus sanction the beginning of its defeat.

Gateway to the West will be a British, Hungarian and Mongolian co-production, and post-production is expected to take place in England, alternating between Pinewood and Abbey Road Studios.

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