Kingdom Hearts Collector reveals Rare “First Keyblade”

The Kingdom Hearts collector has shown off a rare item that gave us a look at the most iconic weapon of the series.

Keyblades are a faulty, infidelized part of Kingdom Hearts’ identity and one of the most recognizable weapons of gaming history. Kingdom Hearts were a friend of the when the game was aired at E3 2001. Similarly, the collector of Kingdom Hearts has an item that proves this fact.

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KH WaterBlock, a merchandise collector for Kingdom Hearts, took to Twitter to share a rare piece of Kingdom Hearts history. It’s a keychain that’s so unique, it’s the type of keychain you can buy now, but it’s much more interesting than its history. One second of the initial concept, then the second half of the design was the Beta Kingdom Hearts logo.

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KHWaterBlock said that the rarest of such things is a limited quantity: 1 in 20% Rare Sealed “Not for Sale” Kingdom Chain Keyblade Keychain – E3 2001 SquareSoft Booth – At The First Ever Revealed Kingdom Hearts. This keychain is known as the “First Keyblade”. How do you ask for this? Well, during the first half of E3 2001, this was the game’s signature weapon for the general public for the first time.

This keychain is incredibly rare; As we mentioned, Square Enix made fans earn it, “E3 is famous for its freebies that companies give out to those who attend the conference, so Squaresoft gave them all these keyblade keychains. Their new album, Only Those Who Are Whole Presentation and The Whole Video Of Their New Releases. It was around 14 minutes long. ”

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This piece of merch doesn’t just look like the old giant logo – are they the keyblade’s old ones? For the series, use the keyblades as an important advertising tool, which is an extraordinary look at what could eventually become iconic.

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