Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Update has been delayed again

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road was delayed again for The Update. The Japanese Twitter account stated that the patch would take some more time. 5.0.0 Update was originally scheduled to be released in Winter 2021 and will now be released in an unspecified date.

According to Square Enix, one reason for the delay is the new update with a number of new scenarios coming up. Kingdom Hearts: The Dark Road is a prequel story that follows Xehanort’s antagonist, starting with the characters youth. This tweet includes various articles that come from the game.


DH (@KHDR_PR) February 28, 2022.

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The next 5.0.0 update is the final forKingdom Hearts: Dark Road Offline. Square Enix planned to release the update in September 2021. Despite all the different issues, the company had postponed the update indefinitely. Prior to the last delay, Square Enix announced the aforementioned winter 2021 window.

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road released globally in June 2020 as part of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts: Union’s mobile app. One year later, Square Enix chose to shut down its plan to the x app’s union. After the scuffle, players won’t be able to accessDark Road via Union x. Players would rather play the game on the second page.

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Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road is available for use in iOS and Android. The latest 5.0.0 update is no longer valid.

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