Kirby and the Forgotten Land: How to Get Rare Stones & What They’re Used For


Kirby and the Forgotten Land is probably the most innovative Kirby game in years. Star Allies was a step back from Planet Robobot by some, but Forgotten Land puts Kirby in a beautiful 3D space and is among the best platformers Nintendo has released in years. If you’re here, you’re probably wondering about one of the game’s new currencies: Rare Stones. In this guide, we’ll go over How To Get Rare Stones And What They Are Used For In Kirby And The Forgotten Land.

How To Get Rare Stones In Kirby And The Forgotten Land

how to get rare stones kirby

Getting Rare Stones in Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a rather straightforward one. Complete Treasure Road side missions you simply need. These are the optional stages that will appear along with the new main stages as you progress through the game. When you receive these side missions, you will receive Rare Stones as a reward.

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These missions are typically time-attack challenges centered around a particular gimmick, such as using a specific power-up to solve puzzles quickly. Just completing them will get you the Rare Stones, but if you complete it faster than the target time, you’ll also get a coin bonus as well. That last part is optional, though.

What Rare Stones Are Used For

what rare stones are used for kirby and the forgotten land

Rare Stones are a new currency that is used for upgrading blueprints in Kirby’s power-ups in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Once you’ve cleared a few steps and upgraded Waddle Dee Town, you’ll unlock the Waddle Dee Weapon Shop where you can upgrade your powers.

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You need a specific blueprint to unlock the upgrade, but once you have them, you can choose to spend your Rare Stones upgrade right away, or you can save it for something later down the road.

These upgrades make your power-ups a lot better, so definitely make sure you’re getting those Treasure Road side missions.

That’s all you need to know How To Get Rare Stones And What They Are Used For In Kirby And The Forgotten Land. Check out our recent Kirby coverage below for more helpful tips and tricks.

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