Kirby and the Forgotten Land: How to Make a Landfall on the Isle of Treasure


Wondering How to Get the ‘Treasure of Isle on Make Landfall’ Waddle-Dee in Kirby and the Forgotten Land’s Concrete Isles level? Fortunately, it’s easy enough to get to where you need to be, and this guide will show you exactly where you need to go and tick it off your list.

The first section of The Concrete Isles Stage, the first section of The Isle of Treasure can be found in the next section.

Getting the ‘Isle of Treasure on Make Landfall’ Waddle-Dee

  1. When you reach the end of the level, the first section of the game, ignore the star on the platform and hop into the water to the right and go right into the corner.
  2. Here, you will find the part of the fence that is broken, the pillars of which have fallen. Use this gap to make your way to the Isle of Treasure.
  3. Swim over to the island, press A next to the treasure chest and you’ll find the Waddle-Dee hidden inside.

That’s all you need to know ‘Treasure of Isle on Make Landfall’ Waddle-Dee in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. For more tips on the game, check out the links below.

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