KOF XV Athena Asamiya Concept Art Shows Off Her Outfit

Athena Asamiya returned in KOF XV to bring Team Super Heroine together. As is common for the character, she showed up with an entirely new look. To help people get a better idea of ​​how her outfit looks, there’s new KOF XV concept art looking at Athena from different angles.

Back when Athena was first revealed, SNK Character Designer Tomohiro Nakata went over what changed for this installation. In particular, he pointed out her new attire. Nakata highlighted how “traditional Kenpo practitioner clothing” influenced her design. This new concept art also shows that off. It looks at her clothing from the front and back. Since her top is covering up most of her shorts, those are also shown separately to offer a better look at their accents. Her headband’s ribbon is highlighted. So is the pattern that appears on her top. That is shown in gold against the white background, to offer a better look at the various flowers.
KOF XV Athena Asamiya Concept Art Shows Off Her Outfit

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In addition to the new outfit, Athena got a new hairstyle for KOF XV. It’s a shorter cut. However, she has appeared with short hair in the past. In some games, it is even mentioned as part of the plot.

The King of Fighters XV is available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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