KOF XV Dolores Concept Art Includes Her Holy Soil

SNK shared another look at a new one The King of Fighters character. People can now see the KOF XV Design documents going over concept art for Dolores. The two pictures offer a closer look at her outfit, tattoos, jewelry, and Holy Soil earth spirit she can summon during fights.

When Dolores first appeared, SNK focused on her unique KOF XV attacks. Due to her abilities, she can use the earth to aid herself in her attacks. She can summon Holy Soil to what is essentially an earth spirits attack. As such, the new art shows it both as a blob of mud and what looks like a golem form, to offer a better sense of scale than it does.

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The first image focuses on Dolores herself. It shows a detailed look at her necklace and its medallion. Since her pants usually cover her boots, the boots appear on the side so people can see how they look. Her tattoo designs are shown separately as well, as her clothing can hide them too.

Dolores is not the only character whose KOF XV The concept art appeared, as Isla’s design documents appeared online too. Hers focused more on her outfit. People could get a better look at her jacket, mask, shoes, and gloves.

The King of Fighters XV is available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and PC.

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