KOF XV Isla Concept Art Shared

There are a few new characters in the latest The King of Fighters entry. For example, Isla makes her debut in KOF XV. To help people understand how she came to be, there’s now a look at the concept art that led to her creation. The design documents go over her outfit, accessories, and even tattoo.

As a reminder, Isla and fellow newcomer Dolores are a part of KOF XV Team Rival with Heidern. She’s from South America and is a graffiti artist. Like Shun’ei, she has spectral hands that she uses in battle. However, hers seem to have a mind of their own. As such, she refers to them as Amanda.

When it comes to the KOF XV Isla design documents, the first focuses on her clothing. It shows her jacket and shorts from multiple angles initially. That’s also a sheet with her tattoo design on it. The second page focuses on accessories like her protective mask, gym shoes, hat, and gloves. The intricate design from her gloves is also showcased on the side.

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