[January] Download OnePlus OxygenOS System Launcher Update Version 12 & 1.0

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Latest OnePlus OxygenOS System Launcher Update Versions 12 and 1.0 – Have you tried? – OnePlus has started rolling out a stable version of OxygenOS 12 skin for OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro users, and the company will soon announce an open beta for OnePlus 8.

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Users can customize their phone’s home screen, launch apps, call others, and perform other tasks using the OnePlus System Launcher, a user interface for OxygenOS Skin. You can customize your home screen with the OnePlus Launcher to make it look the way you want it to look. It is simple, stable, and equipped with customization features.  

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OnePlus System Launcher Features:

You can download two new builds of the OnePlus system launcher – v12.0.00 for those running Android 10 and v12.0.50 for those running Android 11. Those builds come with several new features. Take a look by downloading the following file.  

  • More animations
  • New features
  • Optimized search animation
  • Added unlocking animation
  • Added more glossy-like features
  • Playstore shortcut icon changed
  • Support for Android 12 and 11
  • Added support for One UI 3.5
  • Improved UI

Check out the latest builds here:

  • Android 11-based OxygenOS 11
    • Size – 26MB
    • Version – v12.0.00
    • Download
  • Android 10-based OxygenOS 10
    • Size – 29MB
    • Version – v12.0.50

You can also test version 1.0.7:

The OnePlus System Launcher is receiving a general bug fix with the latest update. This update can be downloaded from the following link if you have OxygenOS 11.  

You can check it out here –

  • OnePlus Launcher – v1.0.7
    • Available – OxygenOS 11
    • Size – 26.7MB
    • Download Link – Here

Disclaimer: This application is extracted from the OnePlus smartphone, but “RM Update” will not be responsible if it is not installed on your mobile or if there is any problem in installing your mobile. [Install own your risk]

Other features:

Improve your experience-

The OnePlus Launcher was designed to deliver speed, stability, and customization. Customize your home screen easily with this launcher.  

You get what you see-

OnePlus Launcher’s intuitive options make it easy to access and modify. Can you see the layout before you make any changes? Yes, you can preview any changes before you make them.  

Organize your life on the shelf-

The shelf can be fully customized based on your needs. The application includes a few simple features, such as weather information, memos, and recent contacts. You can also add widgets to the application for quick access. You can access anything by simply swiping.  

Find the secret gesture-

On top of the customizable off-screen gestures, we have added secret on-screen gestures for accessing notifications and search functions. You’ll find them displayed on your home screen when you slide up and down.

Customize your icons-

The OnePlus Launcher offers several icon packs. To apply them to your icons, select your preferred choice from the options panel. In addition to the default icon pack, you can find hundreds of icon packs on the Google Play Store. Explore them and find one that suits your preferences.  

OnePlus Scout, one-stop search (in India only)

The search bar on OnePlus Scout lets you find anything. You can search your device’s storage as well as the Internet through Launcher. Select India now, and start searching.  

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