[Updated] Samsung Internet Browser Download New Updates – (Beta) & v16.0.5.6 (Stable)

On every Samsung phone, there is a default Samsung Internet Browser. Chrome and Microsoft Edge use the open-source Chromium project for their code. Galaxy devices are preloaded with it by Samsung Electronics. You can browse safely, securely, and privately using this app on your Android device. Also, Read Samsung Game Launcher App Latest version V6.0.04.4

Samsung has recently released beta and stable versions of its Samsung Internet browser with some of these innovative features. 

The company has released a beta and stable version of its Internet Browser. Download the latest browser apps: (Beta) & (Stable). With this update, you’ll be able to use the keyboard, view history, gestures, and more. Check out the changelog below for more information…  

Samsung Internet Broser New Updates

Update log for Samsung’s Internet browser:

Changelog for beta

  • When typing in the address bar, the keyboard would close due to an error
  • The issue of video playback freezing when swipe gestures are performed in full screen has been resolved
  • Some devices no longer displayed the history when performing swipe gestures in full screen
  • Updated security  patches and improved stability

Here is the download link: Samsung Internet Browser beta version – v16.0.6.23

Changelog for Stable v16.0.5.6

  • Reposition the URL bar at the bottom (optional)
  • SSL priority connection (Labs feature)
  • Stop tracking using a tracking pixel by placing an invisible image at the bottom of your page
  • This service is compatible with Android 7 (or later) in Global Region. 

Here is the download link: Samsung Internet Browser stable version – v16.0.5.6

samsung internet browser download
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