Leaker Posts Silent Hill Image Konami Doesn’t Want You to See

Three different leaked images from an alleged development Silent Hill The game showing a woman’s face peeling back to reveal some sort of physical appearance, a sticky note-lined hallway that looks like a schoolgirl standing there, and a creepy red room. Image: Konami / Dusk Golem / Silent Hill / Kotaku

A famous leaker who goes by the username Dusk Golem has obtained and shared several images from an alleged in-development Silent Hill Game on Thursday. The screens posted on Dusk Golem’s Twitter account didn’t last long. According to the leaker, Konami swiftly swooped in to take those images down, though the specific reason is still unknown.

Dusk Golem is an established leaker, revealing obvious details about the games before the studio announced them. For example, he unveiled that monster hunter rise Following the September 2020 Nintendo Direct will move back to the RE Engine in August 2020 before Capcom confirmed details. He also got word that Resident Evil Village There were almost mermaid monsters. So while the Dusk Golem appears to have a proven track record, you should take everything it says with a grain of salt. It’s a leak, after all, and moreover games that are in development are subject to change. If a game goes on, it may not seem like it – or it may not come out at all.

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a leak Silent Hill Image of Slyther Dusk Golem showing what appears to be a dirty room full of boxes and trash, possibly indicating that the location may belong to some sort of hoarder in the game. Image: Konami / Dusk Golem / Silent Hill / Kotaku

On May 12, Dusk Golem tweeted Four images of what he claimed to be a . was from Silent Hill game which is currently under development. He said the source was new, but that the person gave him “more than enough evidence” to believe the images were valid, although nothing was proven. Kotaku, He also gave some details about the project, including apparently the names “Anita” and “Maya”, as well as references to SMS messages. So, like any leaker, Dusk Golem posted this – only to block images. He then took to the reset era to claim that it was Konami who sent him the takedown notice.

Kotaku Konami has been reached for comment.

A leak Silent Hill The image of the Slyther Dusk Golem shows a girl standing at the end of a very red, sticky note-lined hallway, perhaps indicating that she is a central character in the game’s story. Image: Konami / Dusk Golem / Silent Hill / Kotaku

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When reached for comment via email, Dusk Golem shared the images. Kotaku And gave some more information about the notices he received.

“It’s my first time with anything I’ve posted about Konami,” Dusk Golem said. “I think they just removed it because it ruins some of the surprises, especially once people know what this project really is (sorry, not going to elaborate because it’s a little spoiler) is, and I think it would be harmful for the devs to be out there and the players).

a leak Silent Hill Image of Slyther Dusk Golem showing a crowded table with papers and cups and possibly even a cigarette box, perhaps revealing some sort of in-game tutorial or loading screen. Image: Konami / Dusk Golem / Silent Hill / Kotaku

The famous horror series, which first hit the scene in 1999, has been dormant for a decade now, with the last entry being 2012. Silent Hill: Torrential rain, The franchise was set to return on the back of the iconic pt., Before it was inadvertently pulled from stores. These pictures, if associated with Silent Hill, are creepy. Two show a hoarder-like room lined with boxes and trash, another is a figure standing in a sticky note-lined hallway, and a woman’s face peeling back to reveal paper under the skin. The shots are “a bit out of date,” Dusk Golem said, alleging that they came from a build in 2020 and that the project probably “looks a little different now.” You can see them below.

It is unclear whether the notice to remove the Dusk Golem actually belonged to Konami. There’s a possibility it could be someone impersonating the company, which happened last February when someone pretended to be Nintendo to take advantage of YouTube’s DMCA policy. Dusk Golem said they reviewed the notice and believe it came straight from Konami.

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a leak Silent Hill The image of the Slyther Dusk Golem shows an empty bedroom covered with boxes and books and trash, again possibly indicating that the location belongs to some sort of hoarder in the game. Image: Konami / Dusk Golem / Silent Hill / Kotaku

“The only notification I got was Twitter,” Dusk Golem said. “If someone was impersonating them, they did their homework early. When I could get it myself I did everything I could and it’s all accurate.


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