LEGO Idea Gilmore Girls house reaches 10,000 supporters

The Gilmore Girls House by Marrodipietro is the latest project to build an impressive 10,000 followers on LEGO Ideas. A modular house built in The Two was faithfully remodeled. There are also nine minifigures and a dog.

The project now adds The Forestmen Secret Inn, The Legendary Concorde, Wild West Mine, LEGO Koala, LEGO Toilet, Mini City Diorama: London with Underground Station !, Steampunk Airship, The Kit Cat Clock, The Space Age, The Library, Santas Cottage , Mech Patrol, The Polar Express 20th Anniversary, Boeing 747, Baker Street, The Adventure Box, Wuppertaler Schwebebahn, Wuppertaler 16V Rally Car, Hanging Flowers, Lancia Delta Integr

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In a Pokemon Presents video yesterday, a number of Alolan Pokemon have been revealed to appear on Pokemon Go. Today, Niantic has offered a few more details, namely which Pokemon fans may expect, and when will the event begin. Pokemon that debuted on March 1st, at 10 o'clock, will soon be available.

Pokemon Go Reveals Pokemon Rollout, new season start

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