Life Mode In Gacha Life

Life mode

Life Mode In Gacha Life: Gacha life is a unique feature made available via Lunime gaming. The option is shown at the bottom of your home page. Life mode is not accessible within Gacha Club. Once a player has entered this mode, the player can converse with an NPC and move locations.

Life mode

The first step is to have to select the character you wish to play in live mode. The character you see present on display at home will appear in this mode. It is not possible to switch characters after the mode is entered.

To change the position of the characters, tap on the left and right arrows. In addition, the location will be changing. If the player is at this point, his player will remain in the same place. To move around the world click right. This area acts as an entrance. The player can use this portal to another place. Each time there will be at a minimum one NPC who can communicate with the character. This character can change the position of the character.

On top, there are a variety of buttons that provide information about characters, including how much friendship status is, the level, Stamina, and gems. In the upper right-hand corner, there is a location that is known as the display. Below the button for location is a small button to go on a trip. If you press the travel icon, a pop-up window will open that lists the various names of places. If you click on any of these locations, the character will travel to the location. The locations are listed below:

  • Roof Park
  • School
  • Town
  • City
  • Beach
  • Station
  • Sugar
  • Desert
  • Bamboo
  • Spooky

Life Mode


NPC by using your character. When you press the status button, it will show the names of characters you are required to engage with all the time. It is also known as Friendship Status. About 110 characters will be displayed here. If you’ve reached level 10 and you want to teleport, you will be able to do so.


If you click NPC, The conversion dialog box will appear. It has a four-round shape which indicates the degree of the character. If you tap on Talk, then your Stamina decreases two points. NPC will be asking you a few questions, too.

When it has completed a complete set of questions, the level will rise, which can open up a variety of other possibilities. As the level increases, the amount of endurance consumed by NPC will also rise. To end the communication, click on the X button in the window.

There are four choices: Talk or Ask, Gift or Quiz. Each of them has distinct features. The first is level 3 that is evident when you have reached the level of friendship 3 with an NPC. There are three stars beneath this four-round.

The second star is reserved for the test. This quiz begins and will be available after you have completed the test. The final level is 10, unlocked when you have reached the level of friendship 10 with an NPC.

To change the location, move across the screen left- and right. Click the button for exit to get out from Life Mode.

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