Liquipedia and OVHcloud share a relationship

Using esports encyclopaedia and Team Liquidaffiliate, the global cloud provider OVHcloud has partnered with Liquidify.

A cloud server requiring the same web site as OVHcloud will do. Moreover, OVHcloud will offer small servers to test and develop new properties.

Image credit: OVHcloud / Liquipedia.

OVHcloud stated that the new partnership brought a lot of new possibilities to the company. In the future, the Liquidation team is ready to introduce new capabilities and platforms. These include traffic for horizontal scaling for maximum availability and options for additional servers.

Fortunately, the manager for OVHcloud, Jeffrey Gregor, commented that OVHcloud US is the world’s largest esports wiki based on knowledge of the team’s chief information officer and chief information officer.

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VHcloud has a great international experience working with gamers. Liquipedias is among the 38 million annual unique users we support.

Liquidation is an online encyclopedia, which records more than 30 games and esports titles in the database. Liquidation was founded in 2006, and is now the largest knowledge base in the world.

Ivan Saler, Head of Liquidation, said the OVHclouds approach is different based on better performance and reliability – and a burst-to-do system that allows us to handle traffic traffic; superior DDoS protection that guarantees high-quality cyberattacks; and low-cost ownership from which no full-blown bandwidth and bare-metal servers are needed to deploy us to many gamers and developers worldwide.

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Esports Insider says: Liquidation is a fan favorite of all esports companies. With a new cloud computing provider, the website will scale up and perform better, while extending its reliability.

Read the Esports Daily Review.

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