Listed by All Stranger Things Season 4 Episode Names


The Trailers have done a great job building up the hype for Season 4 of Stranger Things and Netflix has taken it a notch higher Stranger Things Season 4 for all the episode names.

Netflix’s smash hit horror drama Stranger Things is returning for Season 4 and will finally answer a lot of burning hot questions in The Audiences. With some major cliffhangers and a cryptic mid-credits scene with Stranger Things Season 3 ending, many were taken by surprise.

Stranger Things Season 4 will play out two volumes, with Volume One releasing on May 27, 2022, and Volume Two coming out five weeks later on July 1st, 2022. While we are still a month away, Netflix has dropped all the Stranger Things Season 4 episode names, giving us a tease of what to expect.

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Listed by All Stranger Things Season 4 Episode Names

Netflix came out with a title tease video in November last year, revealing all the episode names. Here’s a look at all the Stranger Things Season 4 episode names from the video:

  • Episode 1 – The Hellfire Club
  • Episode 2 – Vecna’s Curse
  • Episode 3 – The Monster and The Superhero
  • Episode 4 – Dear Billy
  • Episode 5 – The Nina Project
  • Episode 6 – The Dive
  • Episode 7 – The Massacre At Hawkins Lab
  • Episode 8 – Papa
  • Episode 9 – The Piggyback

While these are many, the episode names surely give us a vague idea of ​​what each episode might look like. Jim Hopper is alive and well in Russia’s possession as shown in The New Year’s Trial.

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However, it’s unclear how he got there, to begin with, and what the Russians will do with him. Another burning hot question is what role the Russians play. With both her powers and friends (as she’s shifted to the Byers family to California), it will be interesting to see how the group reunites with their biggest threat ever.

That’s all you need to know About All Stranger Things Season 4 episode names. For everything else, make sure to check out Twinfinite.

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