Lost Ark Has Officially Surpassed 20 Million Global Users


Lost Ark is a popular MMOARPG that’s been out in various territories like Korea and Russia for a few years at this point, but it only very recently made its way to North America and Europe. The free-to-play MMO saw a rapid surge in popularity, and publisher Amazon Game Studios has just announced that the game has officially surpassed the 20 million mark in terms of global users and players.

After its initial launch in the west, more than 4.7 million users have joined the community, according to a press release. And at the time of writing, more than 10 million of Lost Ark players are based in North America, Europe, South America, and Australia.

It’s worth noting that the game has yet to make its way to Southeast Asia, which also sports a rather sizable fan base for games like these, so it’s definitely possible that the game still has plenty of room for future growth.

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Lost Ark is now available on PC.

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