Mamoru Hosodas Belle aspires to Blu-ray and digital release dates

In April 2022, the official home release of Mamoru Hosodas Belle was taken out; The movie will be released in digital and physical formats.

First up, the downloadable version of Belle is out now on 3rd May 2022. The Blu-ray / DVD version of this movie, and a Target-exclusive Steelbook version of the Blu-ray, will also be available beginning May 17, 2022. The film is now available on the GKIDS website of all stores.

Mamoru Hosoda from BELLE and @StudioChizu come back this May!

Digital Download to Opt 7:31:40 x 63,273-ray / DVD 17 of this monthLeader Book (@Target Exclusive) 17 of this month.

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Preorder now:

GKIDS Films (@GKIDSfilms) February 28, 2022.

The Animated Film is a modern-day reimagining of French fairytale beauty and its visual and emotional story for the Beast and the worldwide acclaim. The latest film from Studio Chizu is helmed by Mamoru Hosoda (Mirai, Wolf Children).

Suzu is a shy, almost rural student living in a rural village. She has been a little embarrassed for years. But as she enters the virtual reality of the world, she escapes into the online world of Louise, a stunning and globally-beloved singer, said The Official Synopsis. Her concert is interrupted one day by a mysterious creature sliced ​​by vigilantes. As soon as their hunting expands, Suzu embarks on an emotional and epic quest to discover the mysterious beast of identity, and find his true self in a world where you can be a person.

Hosoda wrote and directed The Belleis. The movie crew includes actor Jin Kim (Frozen, Moana, Big Hero 6), director Tom Moore and a director of Cartoon Saloon (Wolfwalkers). It’ll be produced by Studio Chizu.

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