Man Spends Covid Disaster Loan On Pokemon Card, He Gets Prisoned To Prison

There’d be hard-sucking up whoever had been directly and negatively affected by the pandemic since it took hold two years ago. Whether you have lost loved ones, suffered from illness, or have just been in your house for months, it has hit us all. Despite the financial burden it has taken, some have used government grants to keep their businesses under control.

Vinath Oudomsine, a person of sorts, were those people or at least he claimed to be. After being arrested and convicted of false allegations for an economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL), a business he did not have, Oudomsine was sentenced and sent to prison. The fraudster will spend three years in prison, and is charged with a fine of $ 10,000 a year, reports Kotaku.

Stomp the Pack to Pokemon TCG Live Code Cards

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Oudomsine is one of the reasons why he is finding out that most of his money is spent on a loan, rather than a small business. 57,000 $ 789 of 85,000 of government money that he spent on a very rare Pokemon card. The question in the card is a shiny Charizard. The Polygon Learn, of a 9.5-gm. gem hunki.

You could argue that Oudomsine got off fast when you consider his crime’s maximum limit. Since he went to prison for 20 years, the chances of three years’ imprisonment should be considered his part. He’ll be receiving a $ 95,000 bill in the coming weeks, not to mention the three years he was still under supervised release.

Now have all the fumbles and get in order to buy expensive Pokemon cards. The industry has exploded recently and so far, just last week, a Pikachu illustrator card sold at a sell-out price of 900,000 dollars. Logan Paul shelled out over $ 33,5 million in one-of-a-kind OG Pokemon cards, only to open the box and discover that he was hoodwinked.

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