Man who used COVID relief funds to buy rare Pokemon cards sent to prison for 3 years using a delicacy of delinquency

A rare $ 57,000 Pokemon card for COVID using a prisoner has been sentenced to three years in prison after pleading guilty to one count of wire fraud. The initial story was told by Polygon.

A financial aid to seniors was awarded to the Governor of the State of the Philippines. The EIDL was developed in a pandemic relief plan designed for the United States, with the intention of using the COVID-19 pandemic so that small businesses could survive.

Oudomsine received a loan after having a small business with 10 employees. When the Georgian received the government aid, he spent about 57,517 dollars on a rare Pokémon-card.

Oudomsine bought the high-yield holographic card Charizard, which received a 9.5 mint rating on the WSC marketplace, one of the largest trading card marketplaces in the world. This card is very expensive on the market. The original cost of this card is not much higher than the initial price.

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In addition to the initial EIDL loan of $ 85,000, District Court Judge Dudley H. Bowen also ordered the Georgian to pay an additional $ 10,000. While he was released in 2025, Oudomsine will also serve a supervised release with a three-year prison sentence. Because of his plea, Oudomsine had to turn over his Charizard card that landed him this very hefty sentence.

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