Mana Character Tier List of Echoes

Echoes of Mana is the new mobile game from Square Enix and Wright Flyer Studios, another popular mobile game that features another Eden, another popular mobile game that features Chrono Trigger inspirations. While the character pool in the game is still small enough, you probably want to try and give your account the best possible head start by upgrading characters. With that in mind, we’ve put together an Mana tier list of Echoes to help you out.

Quick Disclaimer: As the game is only a week old, a take-off list with a grain of salt. We’re confident in our game after spending a fair amount of time, but these rankings will likely change as more players start to tackle current endgame content.

Mana 4-Star Character Tier List of Echoes

mana of echoes in angela
  • S-Tier: Angela, Sumo
  • A-Tier: Riesz, Duran, Shiloh, Popoi
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In all honesty, none of the current 4-star units are bad at all, though we’d definitely give the edge to Angela and Sumo as the two best characters you can pull right now. Angela is easily the best mage in the game, thanks to her powerful AoE ice spells and her party buff. She does burn through MP pretty quickly, so watch out for that.

Sumo is easily the best tank in the Echoes of Mana this time, with a high HP pool and ability to deal tons of damage. His biggest boon, however, is his ability to heal up to his allies, which will become more invaluable as you tackle later content.

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The other 4-star units are all solid in their own right, and make no mistake; Their base stats are much, much higher than that of the 3-stars. If you can start the game with any combination of three 4-star units, you’ll be in pretty good shape, but we’d recommend going to Angela and Sumo.

3-Star Character Tier List

mana of echoes in charlotte

If you weren’t able to fill out your main party slots with three 4-star units, don’t worry. Echoes of Mana does feature quite a few 3-star units that are very serviceable as well.

  • S-Tier: Charlotte, Serafina, Quilto / Quilta
  • A-Tier: Hawkeye, Primm (Water / Fist), Kevin, Duran (Fire / Sword), Honeycomb, Raxa, Randi
  • B-Tier: Watts, Nicco
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If you weren’t able to pick up Sumo, the 3-star Charlotte is a very worthy addition to your party as a supporting character. She provides great healing for everyone, and if you do have sumo, she can be paired with a sub character to give your party a slight elemental boost. Honeycomb also serves as a decent healer.

For the DPS options, Raxa and Hawkeye can round out your party nicely, while Randi is a freebie you can get from the current Trail to the Toughest Event.

That does it for our Mana character tier list of Echoes. Be sure to search Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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