Mana Coffer Chaos Event Guide of Echoes


The Toughest Event to the Trail is still underway, but if you’ve already smashed your way through all that content, there’s still another event to check out, Echoes of Mana. The Coffer Chaos event will run until May 20, so go ahead and take it one step further.

Here’s everything you need to know about Echoes of Mana at the Coffer Chaos eventincluding the types of rewards you get out of it.

Mana Coffer Chaos Quests of Echoes

mana of echoes in coffer chaos quests

There are three quests available in this event, and they all put you at the same boss encounter with varying levels of difficulty. We’ve listed them below:

  • Normal: 3,000 PWR
  • Hard: 4,300 PWR
  • Very Hard: 6,000 PWR
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If you’ve been keeping up with your Mana board and you’re keeping your three main characters adequately geared up, at least 3-star gear, you should be able to clear, normal and hard levels very easily. To take the very hard quest, however, you’ll probably need to start farming and leveling up 4-star gear and max out your equipped Memory Gems and Mana boards.

All Rewards

coffer chaos ep rewards echoes of mana

Clearing the quests will reward you with EP, and they also serve as a good source of Knitwit Icons, Lucre, and Experience Tomes, all of which are extremely valuable resources. Considering that we really have a reliable way of farming Knitwit Icons just yet, we’d definitely recommend grinding out while these quests are still active.

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Furthermore, you also receive the EP for your efforts, which you can use to buy items at the Trader. Here are all the items you can buy:

  • Awakening Orb x10 – 400 High-Level EP
  • Experience Tome (L) x2 – 80 High-Level EP
  • Knitwit Icon – 1,200 EP
  • Experience Tome (L) x2 – 100 EP

Obtaining the High-Level EP will require you to clear all three quests and unlock the High-Level Quest variants. This is something that most casual players will be able to do, especially since the game is still pretty new, so just focus on the Normal quests as best you can.

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That’s all you need to know about Echoes of Mana in How the Coffer Chaos Event Works. Be sure to search Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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