March 2022 Street Fighter V Update Adds Cel Shading & Pixel Filters

While there won’t be any more Street Fighter V DLC characters, a March 2022 update will add new content to the game. On March 29, 2022, a free patch will head out. In addition to rebalancing fighters, the game will look a bit different. That’s because there will be Street Fighter V Cel Shading and Pixel filters and more tracksuit costume colors.

Both the Street Fighter V Cel shading and pixel filters will be offline options. The former, when applied, changes the way shadows look in-game. This provides a cel-shaded look. The latter is a filter with a CRT-like effect to make all character models and areas look pixelated.

As for the tracksuits, the new color schemes were shared. There will be eight options total. These will apply to every character in-game.

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Finally, new Cap-Jam Remix tracks were teased at the end of the announcement trailer. All of the Season Pass 5 characters’ theme songs will get this treatment. This means new takes on “Akira’s Theme,” “Dan’s Theme,” “Luke’s Theme,” “Oro’s Theme,” and “Rose’s Theme.”

Here’s the full Street Fighter V March 2022 announcement.

Street Fighter V is available on the PS4 and PC, and the next update will appear on March 29, 2022.

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