Marvel Originals are coming to Disney + later this month; The Censorship Still in Question

Last month, it was announced that all the Marvel shows that Netflix Originals would have left the streaming service, as long as the platforms’ agreements withhold their rights. Thankfully, the shows like Jessica Jones and SHIELD of agents are not gone forever; They’re simply going to move on to Disney +.

We’ve learned exactly when that will happen: The streaming service tweeted earlier that Marvels Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders, The Punisher and The Agents of SHIELD will all be arriving on Disney + from March 16th 2022.

The countdown is coming on. I believe the movie stars will never be better, so watch it.

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Disney + (@disneyplus) March 1, 2022

The news shocked many fans, though it is not a censorship about concerns. Because of their mature nature, the wildly popular show of families, Daredevil and Punisher wanted to censor some more graphic scenes, and it was a wonder.

When talking about those concerns, Luke Cage showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker said: “The best way to do that is to tell the truth about the situation.”

They are going to do whatever they do. That’s theirs, wrote Coker. I simply hope they don’t sit on it for years on easy reboot or re-air it with a different mix, or the N-Word muted. I love to do commentary or original credits.

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Marvel films of this series. But we are sure to keep you updated as they all arrive later this month.

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