MediaCity at the first HOST Esports Festival is a day of revealing story

The agenda for the first European esports competition held at MediaCity in Salford, now has been confirmed. The event will take place on Monday March 11th at HOST and is part of the Digital City Festival 2022 in Manchester, where speakers like BLAST, ESL Gaming, Leeds United FC, Gravity Media, WIGI, Ninjas in [].

The first competition of the year is the upcoming HOST Esports Festival at MediaCity in Salford.

The event, scheduled for March 11 at HOST, is part of The Digital City Festival 2022 in Manchester. It will host host speakers from BLAST, ESL Gaming, Leeds United FC, Gravity Media, WIGI, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Burnley FC, and others.

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Attendees can expect a day of panel discussions with a broad range of perspectives like how esports can attract AAA events in the UK, and why are there alternatives to women and non-binary community members? Besides, esports also offers a variety of different fields and varies from theme to activity, to education, entertainment, clubs, and players.

In addition, participants can participate in networking sessions throughout the day, including lunch. Attendance is free, and those eager to register may also be allowed to attend.

On Thursday evening, CESI will present an edition of the Breakfast Club. There are also activities and giveaways throughout the breakfast and longer day, while Jimmys Iced Coffee is on site throughout the esports festival, and more surprises come in-store.

Sam Cooke, Esports Insider Managing Director and Co-Founder, noted: Over the last few months HOST has been a fantastic partner, so I am very excited for ESI to continue working with them to develop their esports projects and offerings.

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The reception was excellent so far, and I wanted to see more people who took the opportunity, and many more. It’s interesting to see why our first event in the UK is not in London, but in Greater Manchester. We want to make sure we recognize that UK esports is the only London, and in turn, we want to keep producing events further afield. Currently a long time personal ambition of mine was to run an ESI event where Coronation Street was filmed.

The Esports Festival is one of three events sponsored by The Esports Association in 2022. The events will focus on three key topics: technology and innovation, all of which will be highlighted at the Cyber ​​Summit, the India Pavilion (form of Digital City Expo) and its own Esports Festival.

The Osports Festival took place by Mo Isap, President of the Indian Group, HOST’s own. The Esports Festival is a digital city festival in conjunction with Esports Insider. The esports market is growing at a global scale. Our aim is to create a beacon for esports talent across the region and provide the industry with its next generation of pro-gaming talent.

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By exploring the advantages of the incredible esports industry, we intend to reduce the incidence of barriers to entry and create a fair access to all. Becoming local talent with the digital knowledge they need in advance of sports-related careers will drive prosperity across all communities.

To finish the day, there will be a VIP dinner at HOST followed by an after party.

Get your picture of you: HOST!

The full festival agenda, May 11th, of the festival.

(9-26): ESI Breakfast Club presented by Gravity Media, please send messages [email protected] to find out more.

1st-to-mid 18:15 pm – HOST Esports Festival (sessions and networking).

From 18: 15-20: 00: VIP drinks reception at HOST.

Two days ago, the party ended.

Session Agenda

14:00 14:40: How can the UK esports ecosystem be the largest program for an alternative?

Mark Weller Chief Gaming Officer Vexed Gaming

James Dean Director Strategy and Commercial ESL Gaming in the UK.

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Andrew Haworth Commissioner BLAST Premier.

Rob Black CEO, promotes sports.

Laura Byrne Senior Account Manager Swipe Right PR.

14:45 15:25: Why isefensit a place for women and non-binary society members to make the key to sports more inclusive.

Riley Soley Media & Marketing Executive Esports Insider.

Anisah Munim Product Manager-UEL NUEL.

Joanie Kraut President of WIGI.

Kendryx Linscott Chief Marketing Officer WIGI.

Dawn Ruby COO Dota Valkyries

15:30 16:15: The networking break and career roundtables.

17:10: Talent-Producer’s Guide – A Healthy Way to the Esports Industry.

Heather Dower Founder and CEO Hotdrop.

Nathan Edmonds Head of Community & Marketing Hitmarker, LLP, Head of Marketing.

Becky Wright Senior Partners Manager, NSE.

Jon Winkle Managing Director EPIC.LAN.

17.15.15 01:15 What benefits are clubs and players for esports space?

Steve Hawthorn Head of Digital, Data & Esports Burnley FC.

Aaron Duckmanton Head of Global Digital and Content Strategy, Leeds United FC.

Jonas Gundersen is the head of nyjamas.

Suzie Dickinson, head of talent Epic Global, was the director of the event with his name.

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