Mi Security: V20.12.3 Beta Update Download

mi security app update 20.12.3 by newmiphone

mi security app update 20.12.3 by newmiphone

Xiaomi has released new internal beta update of Security app update for Beta users as well as for some selected moderators for testing purpose. This MI security update was V20.12.3 (Beta) means 3 December 2020. If you have participate in beta program than you can download this update in your MIUI 12 supported xiaomi devices.

mi security app update 20.12.3 (1) by newmiphone

Download Xiaomi 4.7.2 Latest Security App Update in India and Global

mi security app update 20.12.3 (2) by newmiphone
mi security app update 20.12.3 (3) by newmiphone

Xiaomi Security is one of the most important things for us nowadays. Many of us use third party cleaner or security apps from the Play Store, which can be may be harmful to smartphone users. Most smartphone companies do not provide an in-built, security app to protect their users from dangerous malware. However, Xiaomi gives you an MIUI Security App, that protects your device from malware and virus.

Features Of Xiaomi Security App

Solve Problem

This is a new feature that changed as First Ad. which just checks the phone and diagnoses it in the background. This feature is arrived recently new security update, and is very small right now, but it will be updated soon.


Finally, after 3-month Xiaomi was changed this privacy policy. In the new tab, privacy two option was added. 1) Awareness and 2) Protection


In this latest mi security, 4.7.2 update Xiaomi has to allow users to show which background processes were running. Like users can identify which time and which app are using their information such as Location, camera, data usage, microphone, contact list, storage and Call history.

All users now indemnify their app behavior, in the privacy section or Awareness section. If you have any questions regarding this update please feel free to contact us.

What’s new in Privacy


In this section, you have to check some new UI designs as well as some new animations. In this update, you have to check your Network Interception and Privacy Mask.

Xiaomi Network Interception users can protect clipboard data and secure from sharing files. Also set the some setting for sharing, some random URL from social media and other sources. Stop the camera usage in the background, and give high-risk notifications when the app uses, some data without asking your permission.


New MIUI China Security App Update V20.12.03.beta.location

May not Work on Global ROM

  1. Redesigned location access pop-up permission;
  2. Added shortcuts to Notifications;
  3. Redesigned Game Turbo icon.


Mi Security 4.7.2Server 1Download
Mi Security 4.7.2Server 2Download
Mi Security 20.12.3 (BETA)Server 1Download
Mi Security 20.12.3 (BETA)Server 2Download

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