Minecraft Brewing: A Guide to Making Drinks

If you’re new to Minecraft Brewing and want to master the basics with what you do on earth with your Phantom Membranes – we’ve put together a simple guide on how to make drinks in Minecraft. In our guide how to use the brewing stand, equipment, key ingredients and some powerful compounds you can make.

Minecraft Brewing can be used to create a wide range of consumer beverages that cause various condition effects such as Healing Buffs, Strength Enhancers and Elemental Cures when you take on Minecraft mobs and monsters. All Minecraft beverages created from brewing require a basic ingredient that can be adapted and enhanced using a secondary ingredient and / or modifier.

In this Minecraft Brewing Guide we have broken down exactly what you need, some of the most common ingredients and their effects and some of the Minecraft drinks you would like to make. We’ll start by breaking down the key tools you need to get started on your journey to becoming a Browning Pro before you move on to the ingredients you mix. So, without further ado, here’s your brewing primer for beginners.

Click the links below for the part of this Minecraft Brewing Guide that you need:

Minecraft brewing equipment

  • Browning Stand: Used to add and mix ingredients in water bottles
  • Jyoti: A bucket contains three bottles of water or a single infusion. The cauldron is the equivalent of three glass bottles
  • Blaze Powder: Fuel for Brewing, needed to fuel the Brewing Stand
  • Glass bottle: Used at the water source to create a water bottle. Infusion container included
  • Water bottle: The starting base for all beverages created by filling a glass bottle at a water source or cauldron
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Minecraft Brewing Stand

Minecraft Brewing Stand

Here’s how to use the Minecraft brewing stand:

  • Fill 1-3 glass bottles with water from a cauldron or water source
  • Place the water bottle (s) in the bottom three slots
  • Fill the top with the base material
  • Use blaze powder for the brewing process
  • Repeat these steps until you get the infusion you want

Minecraft brewing drinks

The basic ingredient

The first ingredient added to the brewing stand in this process is the base material. Each infusion requires a basic ingredient, which determines the type of infusion. The basic ingredients along with the type of infusion that each ingredient creates are listed below. Modifier effect when the ingredient is used at the end of the brewing process, to enhance or adapt the drinks.

As an ingredient Type of infusion Editing effect
Nether Ward Embarrassing potion Nothing
Redstone Dust Worldly potion Extends the duration of drinks
Glowstone Dust Thick infusion Increases the potency of drinks
Fermented spider eye Infusion of weakness Spoils the drink, reverses its effects
Gunpowder Splash water bottle Explodes on collision
The dragon’s breath Langer water bottle Explodes with impact, leaving a damaging cloud
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Secondary substance

The secondary substance, also known as the effect substance, is added to the base one. This substance affects the infusion created.

As an ingredient Effect
Sugar Speed
Rabbit foot Speed
Shiny melon Healing
By Pfr Water breathing
Magma cream Fire retardant
Golden Carrot Night vision
Blaze powder Strength
Ghost Tear Reproduction
Turtle shell Water breathing
Phantom Membrane Slow falling
Fermented spider eye Poison

Element materials

In addition to Minecraft Browning can be found in the Minecraft Bedrock and Education editions and contains the following elements that cure nausea, weakness, poisoning and blindness.

Element The effect is cured
Bismuth Nausea
Cobalt Weakness
Silver Poison
Calcium Blindness

If you are looking forward to getting out of the confines of your mining sanctuary, brewing in Minecraft is a great skill. Now that you know the basics and how to make drinks in Minecraft, you can experiment with brewing recipes to create drinks to suit your fighting needs. Eventually, you will be able to take these recipes and start making tip arrows that will make you a master archer in removing Minecraft Phantoms.

Best Minecraft Drinks

These useful Minecraft drinks you want to make easy when you are wandering in many biomes and encountering enemy groups. So if you are going to take Minecraft Wither, you want to be ready and fully stocked with some of the best drinks in Minecraft.

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Infusion of healing

Effect – Restores health
Ingredients – Nether Wart, Glittering Melon

Infusion of fire resistance

Effect – Immunity to fire and lava
Ingredients – Nether Wort, magma cream

Infusion of energy

Effect – Melee increases damage
Ingredients – Nether Wort, Blaze Powder

Infusion of Night Vision

Effect – Look in the dark
Ingredients – Nether Ward, Golden Carrot

Quick drink

Effect – Increases speed
Ingredients – Nether Wart, Sugar

Some of the drinks created from Minecraft Brewing include Poison, Fire Resistance and Healing, but can be blended to create a wider range of beverages using brewing recipes.

Upgrading the Night Vision drink to an invisible drink using Minecraft Brewing Station.

How to make invisible infusion

While this is not particularly useful, it can be a lot of fun to change yourself completely invisible for three minutes and most Minecraft players want to do just that. The recipe is very simple. Start adding the blaze powder, then take a drink of Night Vision, place it on the bottom left of the brewing stand and finally, pop the fermented spider eye on top.

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But, for now, good luck finding the materials you need to help you in your future endeavors. In addition to drinks, learn how to create the Minecraft Shield‌ and learn how to use the enchanting table in Minecraft to protect yourself in battle against strange and amazing Minecraft mobs.

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