Minecraft Enchantment Guide: How to use your enchanting table

Minecraft enchantments can be created using the enchanting table and how you create magic armor, weapons and tools in Minecraft. There is an important gamble associated with enchantment in Minecraft, because there is no way to find out what the enchanted table spits out when you are done. You can definitely waste a good diamond sword or you can fill it with fire aspect encyclopedia so that it also deals burn damage with each strike.

As you can probably tell, Minecraft enchantments are very powerful, and you want to get as many people as possible to sustain the best chance of surviving in this cruel, clogged world. To offset their extraordinary power, it is not a simple feat to reach the stage where you can build and use Minecraft Enchantment and there are many stages in creating a weapon with good enchantment.

Join us when we break down the basics like building a Minecraft enchantment table, using enchantments and providing some extra tips on this advanced crafting mechanic.

What is Minecraft Enchanting?

If you have reached the level where you can get everything you need to live in Minecraft, you may want to get an enchanting table for yourself if you think you can always be more powerful. These special blocks can provide powerful (and weird) magical abilities on your weapons and armor, but you can not guarantee what kind of impact you will have.

What Minecraft objects can you enchant?

Enchantments can be applied to a large number of objects in Minecraft, but the most extensive item categories you can enchant in Minecraft are as follows: armor, tools, weapons and books.

Minecraft Anvils are used to make and repair enchantments.  Seven spells were added to the current sword shown.

How to mesmerize objects in Minecraft

There are three main ways to make objects enchanting in Minecraft.

  • To enchant an object, go to the Minecraft Enchantment Table and change XP and Lapis Lazuli.
  • At Minecraft Unwill, combine the enchanted book with the enchanting object – it uses XP.
  • At an anvil, do two enchantments and combine the two enchantments to create an object with two enchantments.

Alternatively, you can get occasional enchanting objects by doing emerald trade with the villagers. There is also the possibility of finding an enchanting object while you are fishing, or finding something like a zombie killing, sinking, zombie pigeon, hull, party, withered skeleton or skeleton. Enchanted objects can also be looted in the End City.

If you play in the Bedrock Edition, you can get enchanted objects by looting and killing criminal enemies during the attack. Want to not be bothered with all these things? Use the Minecraft console commands and cheats to get the job done.

How to build a Minecraft enchanting table

You need four obsidians, two diamonds and a book to create an enchanting table in Minecraft. Open your crafting menu and arrange the three obsidiens in the bottom row with the fourth row in the middle of the grid.

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Place the Minecraft diamonds on either side of the protruding obsidian and finish by placing the book in the middle of the top row. The enchanting table now appears on the right, so drag and drop it into your inventory and there you have it.

How to use your enchanting table

After placing it, communicate with the enchanting table. This opens a new interface. On the left you can put several lapis lazuli and the object you want to enchant, and then on the right you will see some books that randomly wrap enchantments – hover the cursor over one of the glyphs and give you a clue about one of the possible enchantments.

Enchanting book on Minecraft.

How to get better Minecraft enchantments

Minecraft enchantments usually have a high level of your experience, so do not expect the best enchantments if you have created one of these tables in advance.

You can also increase your enchantment level by placing a bookshelf next to the enchanting table – with a black buffer zone. You need to create half a margin of complete books to access the best enchantments – total 15. The best way to keep these is to create a second row of bookshelf blocks when you have free space.

If you do not have the specific object you want to enchant, you can create an enchanting book that will effectively save the enchantment for later use. To change the enchantments in Minecraft, you can not do much to change your options depending on your level of experience, your enchantment seed and the type of item you are trying to enchant. You can fudge the options shown by reducing the number of bookshelves connected to the table, but this will not affect the chances.

The best way to store Minecraft enchantments is to keep enchanting books to create the most enchanting weapon. Keep enchanting until you have selected the highest level enchanters available to you, then take the object and books you want to an envelope and attach them. Jace has an exceptional guide to achieving maximum enchantments in a variety of disciplines, which you can see below.

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List of all Minecraft enchantments

If you are interested in all the enchantments you can get in Vanilla Minecraft, the list below is a lot and their maximum ranks.

  • Aqua supplement
    Increases your mining rate while in the water. Maximum Rank 1.
  • Bane of Arthropods
    Increases damage to particular arthropods with smite and sharpness. Maximum Rank 5.
  • Explosion protection
    Minimize damage from explosions. Maximum Rank 4.
  • Channeling
    Applies to Minecraft trident only. Transmits lightning towards the entity you hit – works only during thunderstorms and interacts uniquely with Riptide. Maximum Rank 1.
  • The curse of binding
    Prevents removal of objects. Maximum Rank 1.
  • Vanishing curse
    The object was destroyed after death. Maximum Rank 1.
  • Depth Strider
    Move fast underwater (mutually exclusive with Frost Walker). Maximum Rank 3.
  • Efficiency
    My fast. Maximum Rank 5.
  • Feather Falling
    Take less fall damage. Maximum Rank 4.
  • Fire Aspect
    Specifies the target. Maximum Rank 2.
  • Fire extinguisher, fire protection
    Take less fire damage. Maximum Rank 4
  • Flame
    The arrows set fire to the target. Maximum Rank 1.
  • Good luck
    Get more black drops (mutually exclusive with a touch of silk).
  • Frost Walker
    Turns any water under you into frost ice, which explains why it should not be used with Depth Strider‌. Maximum Rank 2.
  • Impaling
    Do more damage to the sea crowds with the trident. Maximum Rank 5.
  • Infinite
    Do not use arrows when firing your bow (unique to each other with the solution) Maximum Rank 3.
  • Knock back
    More knockbacks. Maximum Rank 2.
  • Exploitation
    Get more exploits from the crowds. Maximum Rank 3.
  • Obedience
    Trident returns after you throw (mutually exclusive with Riptide). The trident returns rapidly in the upper positions. Maximum Rank 3.
  • The luck of the ocean
    More luck in catching fish. Maximum Rank 3.
  • Bait
    Fast fishing. Maximum Rank 3.
  • Mending
    Repair objects using experience (mutually exclusive with Infinity). Maximum Rank 1.
  • Multishot
    Shoot three arrows at once when using only one arrow (mutually exclusive with piercing). Maximum Rank 1.
  • Piercing
    Arrows can go through two targets (mutually exclusive with each other). Maximum Rank 4.
  • Power
    Deal with further damage with arrows. Maximum Rank 5.
  • Projectile protection
    Take less damage from projectiles. Maximum Rank 4.
  • Protection
    Reduces damage taken from too many sources. Maximum Rank 4.
  • Punch
    Your arrows have more knockbacks. Maximum Rank 2.
  • Quick charge
    Reload your crossbow faster. Maximum Rank 3.
  • Respiratory
    Swim underwater for longer without having to climb back up. Maximum Rank 3.
  • Riptide
    When you throw your trident you go with it (mutually exclusive with channeling and loyalty). It only works in water or during rain. Maximum Rank 3.
  • Sharpness
    Deal with more damage with a knife and ax (mutually exclusive with Smite and Bane of Arthropods). Maximum Rank 5.
  • Silk touch
    Excavated blocks fall automatically (mutually exclusive with Fortune). Maximum Rank 1.
  • Knock
    Do more damage to dead groups (specific to each other with sharpness and bane of arthropods). Maximum Rank 5.
  • Sweeping Edge
    Further damage with massive attacks. Maximum Rank 3.
  • Thorns
    Resolves damage as soon as the attacker is hit. Maximum Rank 3.
  • Disassembly
    Increases the durability of the enchanted object. Maximum Rank 3.
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Minecraft best enchantments

What are the best spells to use in Minecraft? While priority plays a very big role, there are some enchantments that should not be without any player.

Mending Is the most useful spell, especially for the tools and weapons you use the most. As you play longer in Minecraft, with a series of repairs that increase in price, wear and tear will cost a lot of resources. Mending XP will repair your fitted weapon by inflating balloons. So, the XP balloons that pop out every time you kill one of the countless Minecraft mobs will immediately repair the weapon you just used. Switch to your Peacocks before boosting XP and you can keep your Diamond Peacocks in good condition.

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In a similar vein, unbraking increases the durability of your object, which means you can spend more time using it before you go on the Mender Bender.

It is much easier to use enchantments such as Sharpeness or Power to maximize than specialist enchantment such as Smite or Impaling for weapons, as these will buff your entire power and you will not have to carry multiple swords. You are mending and unbraking for tools, but also seeking efficiency and luck.

Finally, when it comes to the best Minecraft armor enchantment you will always want to have feathers on your boots to minimize fall damage and minimize maximum protection over all your armor.

It is one of the many enchanting languages ​​that, if you translate it, explains different random things from Minecraft.

How To Read Minecraft Enchantments

The table language that makes Minecraft enchant is actually called the standard galactic language and originated in Commander Keane. There are many, many tools available to change the characters, but the words have nothing to do with the enchantment you get: it’s nothing more than a fun Easter egg. So even if you can translate the language that makes mesmerizing in Minecraft it is not useful at all.

And there are all the basics on Minecraft enchantments along with descriptions of every vanilla enchantment in the game. Some of these are particularly powerful – we’re big fans of using punches to hit crowds – so use them wisely. You can enchant your Minecraft Shield with three different Minecraft spells to improve your defense in battle.

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