Minecraft is getting the ‘Place Feature’ command

We are now a few weeks into 2022 and are back into the Minecraft devs weekly snapshot routine. Mojang has launched the Snapshot 22W03A, beta release, which introduces some minor fixes in the 1.18.2 focus. The developers say that it will “move forward at full speed towards the Wild Update”.

A new command called ‘place feature’ is a big addition in this snapshot. It allows you to keep features. In other words, instead of keeping trees, grass and other things that are naturally produced in the world you can now place them where you like, you have no objection to starting cheats. This is especially useful for datapack creators.

As producer Adrian Ostergard says Twitter, “We are moving towards 1.18.2 to fix some issues and after that, we will move towards full speed towards Wild Update.” The Wild update will be launched sometime in 2021, but as we wait for the release date of Minecraft 1.19, we will see some new features previewed in playable form due to similar snapshots.

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You can see the full details in today’s snapshot on the official site.

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If you need help finding out how to get into the beta versions of Minecraft, you can follow that link.

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