Minecraft Phantom: Sprouting, how to call and exploit

Minecraft Phantom is a flying enemy group that hunts down those who spend three days asleep in the game until they die. Their green eyes can spot you from a great distance, so come ready.

The Minecraft Phantom emits puffy gray smoke as it orbits idle, which can be observed in the creative mode in a non-invasive manner. Minecraft Phantom can be hit by a knife, or damaged by an immediate health impact. However, they are immune to toxins and can counteract the effects of instant drinks.

They attack by bouncing down and do not wander in one place for long, which makes it difficult to get a good hit with the bow. The sword is the best way to strike the Phantom, or you can send your tamed wolf. If all else fails, Phantom is not a fan of cats, and is usually within 16 blocks of any cat breed – it will flee if your domesticated cat is tamed.

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Minecraft Phantom Spanning

There is a difference between how Phantoms were born in the Bedrock edition against the Java edition and there is a more detailed explanation between the two in the official Minecraft wiki.

In Java Editon, Minecraft Phantoms are born during the night or during thunderstorms in the Overworld. They always sprout up on you and it is very difficult to prevent these evil creatures. If you suffer from insomnia and spend three or more days without sleep, expect to hear the hollow cries of a phantom as it covers the sky above you. To make matters worse, phantoms are more likely to emerge as long as you leave a good night’s sleep.

To breed the Phantom, you must be slightly above sea level and not have an overhead that blocks light. The Phantom’s light capacity is two, so it must be less than this for the Phantom to emerge in Minecraft. You can hear 1-6 phantoms fluttering their wings and flipping 20-34 blocks above you.

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The player is shooting an arrow at a phantom to attack them in Minecraft.

Minecraft Phantom Summons

In the Java Edition, you can call the Phantom using the Minecraft cheat, which requires you to turn on cheats around the world. Using the chat window and the ‘/ summon command’ you can call a phantom in any Minecraft world. If you do not like the birth of Phantoms, you should set it Insomnia Game rule is wrong.

However you may want to change the time of day to night, otherwise the Phantom will extinguish the flames like any other undead group in Minecraft.

Minecraft Phantom Exploit

If you can kill a phantom it will fall to the ground, allowing you to easily loot gifts. Minecraft phantoms leave valuables as well as XP.

  • 0-1 Phantom Layers
  • 5 experience orbs
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If you are wondering what Minecraft Membranes are used for, you can use them to make Minecraft drinks like Slow Falling. This requires a brewing stand, some bottled water and blaze powder. Minecraft Phantom Membranes can also be used to repair broken Eliteras.

The player is making a drink at a brewing station in Minecraft using a phantom membrane.

The good news is that the Minecraft Phantom is a dead Minecraft mob, meaning it burns in the sunlight, making daylight a safe time to go out.

If you need a hand against these troublesome celestial demons, you can build many Minecraft weapons to fight against this deadly monster and other dead enemy groups like Minecraft Wither.

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