Mini Motorways Is Available Now With Switch With Surprise Launch


The recent Nintendo Indie World Showcase was filled with a number of trailers for upcoming additions to the Switch’s collection. Mini Motorways is one of those games and, as a nice surprise, the traffic management sim launched on Nintendo Switch today.

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The game focuses on managing traffic in major cities around the world with a minimalist style and strategy-focused gameplay elements. Use tunnels, bridges, roundabouts, and more to create pathways and ease of flow traffic in locations like Munich, Tokyo, Mexico City, Dubai, and Los Angeles.

Today’s Switch launches along with a free update for the Apple Arcade, Mac, and PC versions of the game called Night Lights, which allows for a one-way cross-save so current players can take their progress on the Switch. And, as an added bonus, headlights have also been added to cars in night mode.

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You can check out the short trailer to get a quick look at some of the gameplay featured in Mini Motorways.

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If you’re wondering whether or not Mini Motorways is for you, be sure to read our review of our thoughts on the game along with an interview we conducted with developer Dinosaur Polo Club. For those who are ready to control some traffic, Mini Motorways is now available on the Nintendo eShopGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

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