MIUI 12 Global ROM October Update Tracker

MIUI 12 Global ROM Update

MIUI 12 Global ROM Update

Hello Mi Fans
MIUI 12 Global Update rollout has been started and so far many Xiaomi devices have received new MIUI 12 updates in their devices. If you have interested to download the latest MIUI 12 updates in your device via OTA or Recovery from you can check here our UPDATES pages.

MIUI 12 updates Tracker list

Mi Series

Sr.NoDeviceMIUI VersionStatus
1Mi 8 Global
2Mi 8 RU
3Mi 8 Pro Global
4Mi 8 Lite GlobalV12.0.3.0 QDTMIXMReleased
5Mi 8 Lite RUV12.0.1.0 QDTRUXMReleased
6Mi 9 Global V12.0.2.0 QFAMIXMReleased
7Mi 9 EEAV12.0.1.0 QFAEUXMReleased
8Mi 9 RUV12.0.2.0 QFARUXMReleased[Partially]
9Mi 9 SE GlobalV12.0.1.0 QFBMIXMReleased
10Mi 9 SE EEAV12.0.1.0 QFBEUXMReleased
11Mi 9T GlobalV12.0.3.0 QFJMIXMReleased
12Mi 9T EEAV12.0.2.0 QFJEUXMReleased
13Mi 9T RUV12.0.1.0 QFJRUXMReleased
14Mi 9T Pro GlobalV12.0.2.0 QFKMIXMReleased
15Mi 9T Pro EEAV12.0.2.0 QFKEUXMReleased
16Mi 9T Pro RUV12.0.2.0 QFKRUXMReleased[Partially]
17Mi 9 Lite GlobalV12.0.3.0 QFCMIXMReleased
18Mi 9 Lite EEAV12.0.3.0 QFCEUXMReleased
19Mi 9 Lite RUV12.0.3.0 QFCRUXMReleased
20Mi 10 GlobalV12.1.2.0 RJBMIXMUnder Testing
21Mi 10 EEAV12.0.3.0 QJBEUXMReleased
22Mi 10 RUV12.0.1.0 QJBRUXMReleased
23Mi 10 IDV12.0.1.0 QJBIDXMReleased
24Mi 10 INV12.0.2.0 QJBINXMReleased
25Mi 10 Pro EEAV12.0.2.0 QJAEUXMReleased[Partially]
26Mi 10 Pro GlobalV12.1.2.0 RJAMIXMUnder Testing
27Mi 10 Lite 5G GlobalV12.0.1.0 QJIMIXMReleased
28Mi 10 Lite 5G EEAV12.0.1.0 QJIEUXMReleased
29Mi Note 10 GlobalV12.0.2.0 QFDMIXMReleased
30Mi Note 10 EEAV12.0.1.0 QFDEUXMReleased
31Mi Note 10 RU
32Mi Note 10 Lite GlobalV12.0.2.0 QFNMIXMReleased
33Mi Note 10 Lite EEAV12.0.1.0 QFNEUXMReleased
34Mi Note 10 Lite RUV12.0.1.0 QFNRUXMReleased
35Mi Note 3 GlobalV12.0.1.0 PCHMIXMReleased
36Mi MIX 2S GlobalV12.0.1.0 QDFMIXMReleased
37Mi MIX 2S RUV12.0.1.0 QGDRUXMReleased
38Mi MIX 3 GlobalV12.0.1.0 QEEMIXMReleased
39Mi MIX 3 RUV12.0.2.0 QEERUXMReleased
40Mi MIX 3 5G EUV12.0.1.0 PEMEUXMReleased
41Mi MIX 3 5G GlobalV12.0.1.0 PEMMIXMReleased
42Mi MAX 3 Global
44Mi 10T Pro GlobalV12.0.3.0 QJDMIXMReleased
45Mi 10T Pro EUV12.0.4.0 QJDEUXMReleased

Redmi Note Series

Sr.NoDeviceMIUI VersionStatus
1Redmi Note 5 Global
2Redmi Note 5 RU
3Redmi Note 6 Pro Global
4Redmi Note 7 Global
5Redmi Note 7S INV12.0.0.2 QFGINXMUnder Testing
6Redmi Note 7 EEA
7Redmi Note 7 RU
8Redmi Note 7 Pro INV12.0.1.0 QFHINXMReleased[Partially]
9Redmi Note 8 Global
10Redmi Note 8 IN
11Redmi Note 8 ID
12Redmi Note 8T Global
13Redmi Note 8T EEA
14Redmi Note 8T RU
15Redmi Note 8 Pro GlobalV12.0.3.0 QGGMIXMReleased
16Redmi Note 8 Pro EEAV12.0.1.0 QGGEUXMReleased
17Redmi Note 8 Pro INV12.0.2.0 QGGINXMReleased[Partially]
18Redmi Note 8 Pro IDV12.0.1.0 QGGIDXMReleased
19Redmi Note 8 Pro RUV12.0.3.0 QGGRUXMReleased
20Redmi Note 9 GlobalV12.0.4.0 QJOMIXMReleased[Partially]
21Redmi Note 9 INV12.0.4.0 QJOINXMReleased
22Redmi Note 9 EEAV12.0.3.0 QJOEUXMReleased[Partially]
23Redmi Note 9 RUV12.0.1.0 QJORUXMReleased
24Redmi Note 9 IDV12.0.1.0 QJOIDXMReleased
25Redmi Note 9S Global
26Redmi Note 9S EEA
27Redmi Note 9S RU
28Redmi Note 9S/PRO INV12.0.1.0 QJWINXMReleased
29Redmi Note 9 Pro Global
30Redmi Note 9 Pro EEA
31Redmi Note 9 Pro ID
32Redmi Note 9 Pro Max INV12.0.1.0 QJXINXMReleased[Partially]

Redmi k & Redmi Series

Sr.NoDeviceMIUI VersionStatus
1Redmi K20V12.0.3.0 QFJINXMReleased
2Redmi K20 ProV12.0.3.0 QFKINXMReleased[Partially]
3Redmi 6 Global
4Redmi 6 RU
5Redmi 6A Global
6Redmi 6A RU
7Redmi 6 ProV12.0.2.0 PDMMIXMReleased[Partially]
8Redmi 7 Global
9Redmi 7 EEA
10Redmi 7A Global
11Redmi 7A EEA
12Redmi 7A RU
13Redmi 8A Global
14Redmi 8A IN
15Redmi 8A ID
16Redmi 8A EEA
17Redmi 8A RU
18Redmi 8 Global
19Redmi 8 IN
20Redmi 8 EEA
21Redmi 8 RU
22Redmi 8 ID
23Redmi 8 Pro ID
24Redmi 9A GlobalV12.0.6.0 QCDMIXMReleased[Partially]
25Redmi 9A IDV12.0.2.0 QCDIDXMReleased
26Redmi 9A EEAV12.0.6.0 QCDEUXMReleased
27Redmi 9A RUV12.0.3.0 QCDRUXMReleased
28Redmi 9A INV12.0.3.0 QCDINXMReleased
29Redmi 9 EEA
30Redmi 9 Global
31Redmi 9 ID
32Redmi 9 INV12.0.1.0 QCTINXMReleased
33Redmi 9 Prime IN
34Redmi 9C GlobalV12.0.5.0 QCRMIXMReleased[Partially]
35Redmi 9C EEAV12.0.4.0 QCREUXMReleased[Partially]

POCO Series

Sr.NoDeviceMIUI VersionStatus
1POCO F1V12.0.1.0 QEJMIXMReleased[Partially]
2POCO X2 INV12.0.1.0 QGHINXMReleased
3POCO F2 Pro RUV12.0.3.0 QJKRUXMReleased
4POCO F2 Pro GlobalV12.0.4.0 QJKMIXMReleased[Partially]
5POCO F2 Pro IDV12.0.4.0 QJKIDXMReleased
6POCO F2 Pro EEAV12.0.2.0 QJKEUXMReleased
7POCO F1 RUV12.0.2.0 QEJRUXMReleased
8POCO X3 NFC INV12.0.2.0 QJGINXMReleased
9POCO X3 NFC EUV12.0.2.0 QJGEUXMReleased
10POCO X3 NFC GlobalV12.0.3.0 QJGMIXMReleased[Partially]
11POCO X3 NFC RUV12.0.1.0 QJGRUXMReleased
13POCO M2 Pro INV12.0.1.0 QJPINXMReleased[Partially]

Redmi Y/S Series

Sr.NoDeviceMIUI VersionStatus
1Redmi Y2 GlobalV12.0.2.0 PEFMIXMReleased[Partially]
2Redmi Y2 RU
3Redmi Y3 IN