Molecular games Collection 1 confirms Evercade release

Blaze Entertainment is happy to announce an agreement with Morphcat Games to bring even more great indie titles to Evercade Systems.

Mythology is the novel of origin. In addition to this collection, there are two bonus games of Morphcat Games, which feature a brand new expansion game, Micro Mages Second Quest, which is the first ever physical release of Evercade.

The title is:

  • Micro Mages
  • Spacegulls
  • Bobl

There are lots of free games.

  • Super Bat Puncher Demo.
  • Microfish Second Quest – Meals – Meals!

The sequel to The Mascara Games is not a surprise. A title from Morphcat is still an infamous title, not just because of the 4 play area, but because of the wide variety of players in the local environment. The studio has about 40kb of space in the original hardware for a new modern game. Their intention was to create a game today, but without the same limitations as the developer in the 1980s, and thus write it in. 6502 ASM-language coding language. And it was the result of Micro Mages.

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That means this game is just a great 8-bit game, a game that would have been played any other time in the 1980s.

Spacegulls are a great platformer often used for speedrunning competitions. He has recently become involved in charity games Done Quicks. Bobl is a great platformer that challenges players how to negotiate through difficult passages while not trying to break water.

Other than the three games that were rejoiced, there were two bonus titles. The long-loved Super Bat Puncher Demo is here for the second quest of the expanded smallest mini-meals featuring his demo glory and this first publication.

The Morphcat Games Collection 1 will be available as part of the first half of May 2022 – and is a sold-out cartridge number 25. The collection for pre-orders will be open at twenty-thirty and twenty-two.

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