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Moon Knight after the MCU in Will Oscar Isaac Stay?


Oscar Isaac’s latest outing is the Disney-powered superhero in Disney + ‘s Moon Knight that has garnered a lot of praise from critics and fans alike. With the American actor nailing the character, many have begun to wonder Whether Oscar Isaac Stay Will Stay in the Moon After Moon Knight or Not.

Moon Knight is the newest entry to the ever-expanding MCU and a six-episode series that explores the life of Steven Grant, a mild-mannered museum gift shop attendant who also has a badass mercenary Marc Spector living inside the same body. With such great reviews, we’ll see more of Oscar Isaac in the MCU or Moon Knight on everyone’s minds.

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Moon Knight after the MCU in Will Oscar Isaac Stay?

While Oscar Isaac’s role in Marvel about nothing has been confirmed Steven / Marc and the Moon Knight himself, with his on-screen depiction of the many MCU projects the actor has surely managed to win.

Steven and Marc brilliantly right down to the accent of both actor portrays. Oscar really cracked the code on this one and many fans now think he deserves an Emmy for his role.

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Talking more about his role Isaac said at a Moon Knight press conferenceSteven, there was a chance to do a different type of comedy than what we’ve seen, somebody who knows what’s funny and what’s a counterpoint with Marc, in some ways leaning into the dark vigilante guy. What makes him so special is that he has a little Englishman living inside him. ”

That’s all we are about whether Oscar Isaac will stay in the MCU or not. Marvel is known for its superheroes with no switch or change faces and so it seems quite unlikely that Oscar Isaac will change. However, we still have to keep an eye out for any and all official announcements from Marvel about the actor’s future in the MCU.

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