Mystic Messenger: Best guide for beginner

Mystic Messenger Full Guide

What Is Mystic Messenger?

Mystic Messenger is one type of otome mobile game. This game has completely new kinds of features that completely change the gaming format. Compared to the old otome games that contain visual novel format, the majority of Mystic Messenger narrative is through a combination of visuals, calls, and messages of the novel.

The concept of this game is reading and responding to incoming messages. In addition, you will receive text messages, phone calls, instant messages, and occasional visual novel segments. All these are the essential parts of this game.

Mystic Messenger basics

The story takes place over 12 days in which you need to observe all the messages and different kinds of numbers characters. The first four days will be the same as usual, but the game will be divided into multiple routes during these four days. At the end of these days, there are different kinds of endings like a Good end, a Normal end, and a bad end. 

On your first play, you will answer all incoming messages and calls as much as you can. Among them, some beeps can’t answer your questions. That depends on the player whether to answer those beeps or ignore them. Just focus on the character you like. That’s enough for the first day. On the 5th day, if you fail to catch the interest of anyone then it will be a bad ending for you. 

In January 2018, there are six love interests and three-story modes: casual story, deep story, and Another Story. Let’s go through it one by one.

Casual Story: In this mode, you can get Yoosung, Zen, and Jaehee routes only. When you start the game at that time it is free to play.

Deep story: In this mode, you can get Jumin and 707 routes only. To unlock this mode 80 HG is required. After that, you are able to play this mode.

Another Story: In this mode, you can get V and Ray routes only. To unlock this mode 550 HG is required. After that, you are able to play this mode. This mode contains some disturbing content

Mystic Messenger Characters

There are eight main characters that you will encounter in this game as below :

  1. V: leader of the RFA and Rika’s ex-fiance
  2. Seven/707: Hacker and informant of RFA
  3. Jaehee Kang: assistant to Jumin Han
  4. Jumin Han: current Executive Director of C&R International
  5. Zen: an actor
  6. Rika: RFA’s deceased founder, and Yoosung’s cousin
  7. Ray: He is responsible for bringing the player character to the RFA
  8. Yoosung Kim: a student

Good vs Bad Endings

The story can end in two ways: Good and Bad. In mystic messenger. each character needs to earn the right responses to messages and calls or by favoring the characters.

You need to complete all the chats for a good ending, invite more and more people to part as much as you can, and make good choices while interacting with the other characters. If you miss or ignore new chats and interactions between characters then bad endings happen.

This game is a mixture of visual novel formats, chats, phone calls, and e-mails. You need to be present for most of the interaction that takes place while you are playing this game otherwise bad endings happen. However, some game modes allow you to miss these interactions. In that case, you have some buffer to play.

Mystic Messenger Game Composition

Now we are going to deep and core topics of this game that are essential features or game’s technicalities. All these elements are required to finish this game. Without this element, you won’t be able to achieve a good ending to this game. 

1. Hearts & Hourglasses

It is the main currency of this game. It is necessary to unlock a deep story, Another Story, After Endings, and extra content. You can get hourglasses by acquiring them in-game or by purchasing them. In random chat rooms, you will get these hourglasses whether you are in the room or not. Probability of achieving hourglasses is high if you join that live chat room.

There are 8 different kind of hearts with different colors as below:

While communicating with different characters, you will see that different kinds of hearts will appear for that character. This indicates that you gave the right and favorable response to that character.

After 5 days, you will get a heart that doesn’t mean that you will get a good ending. In this game, some options will give you heart although you can have a bad ending.  For 1 hourglass 100 hearts are required. This doesn’t affect your game ending. You need to track the hearts because hearts will decide which character you will get after you pay through the route.

Each heart has own color through you can identify character as below:

Chat Rooms

The majority story happens in these chat rooms where all players need to join for their story to finish. Players must finish all chat rooms and the narrative will be told through a series of chats.

There are 10 different chat rooms available each day. Between two chat rooms around one or two-hour intervals. To join chat rooms, always turn on notification of this game else you can not get heart and hourglasses without joining these rooms. 

Starting time of the chat room is midnight. If you miss any chat then don’t worry, you can buy it with hourglasses. Each route has its own timing of the chat room so check your route time first.

Mystic Messenger Download

This game is on both platform Android and iOS. The size of this game around 1.5 GB, so make sure your device has 1.5 Gb storage space available. After downloading, for better game experience download all required resources. The new update arrive frequently so stay turn with the new updates.

Download For Android

Download For iOS

Phone Calls

This is a totally different kind of feature compared to other otome games. You can make and receive phone calls from the other players/characters. These calls will arrive any time and you are able to receive that time for a good ending game. Note that you can not receive other route’s phone calls.

It’s free to receive all calls but if you want to make a call to your end or other missed call then hourglasses are needed for that. After that, hourglasses are deducted from your account.

 Mystic Messenger can be played with a voice, not only a screen. You will experience actual phone calls that are related to the actual world. Phone calls won’t affect your gameplay. It is just an extra feature.

Colored arrows:

Is Mystic Messenger dangerous?

No it’s not dangerous. Just take care of community.