Netflix gift cards: how they work and price


If you want to get a Netflix gift card, but you don’t know exactly how they work, here we tell you how to use them and at what prices you can find them.

Today we have to talk about Netflix gift cards, something that can be a great gift or a very good purchase for oneself. Basically, these serve to recharge with a certain amount of money an account of the aforementioned platform and thus allocate that figure to your monthly rate, whatever it may be, at least until the amount you have selected runs out.

Therefore, you are not, in the event that you want to get a card for another person, giving away a subscription as such (or you are not acquiring it, if it is for you), rather you are getting a specific amount of money that will avoid having to pay your subscription with a credit card, PayPal, etc., until the amount of the card is spent netflix gift

If you still don’t understand how they work, don’t worry because We are going to explain it to you now, in addition to indicating the prices why you can get them.

How do Netflix gift cards work?

In this article we tell you how to redeem Netflix gift cards and their prices

Once you are clear about what they are, as we summarized above, now it’s time to know what they are for and how they are used**. In addition, taking into account what was said before, you can always buy one of these gift cards, top it up with the amount you consider and use it to open a Netflix account, so you do not need to have an account on the aforementioned platform previously.

Therefore, it is more or less clear that these cards are a kind of monetary balance that will last you more or less time, depending on the Netflix plan you have or choose. Once the money entered in the aforementioned card is finished, yes you will have to pay if you want to continue with the subscription, with your credit card, for example, and with one of the available plans on the platform.

Of course, it is also worth mentioning the places where you can get hold of these practical cards. As you can imagine, you are You can buy them both in physical and digital stores.and the platform recommends the following:

Whether you get a Netflix gift card physically or digitally, the steps to redeem it are very simple

physical stores

  • Game
  • fnac
  • MediaMarkt
  • The English Court
  • Carrefour
  • Logistics Spain
  • co-op
  • Post Offices in Spain
  • Day Supermarkets

digital stores

Before you buy one of these Netflix gift cards, keep in mind that you can buy them in any country as long as you continue to use the same currency that you use in the country where you have your subscription. In addition to this, keep an eye on the place where you go to buy the card, especially on certain web pages, wow. In general, try to buy them from one of the stores that we have provided above, since they are the ones that recommend the platform itself.

So, with all this in mind, the operation of these cards is more than simple. Only you have to buy the card with the amount you want in one of the mentioned sites and add it to your Netflix account, or give it to the person you want to give it to. Once you’ve done this, you will already have your amount selected as a balance for your rate on the platform until it runs out.

Now, in the event that you have been given one of these Netflix gift cards, or you have bought it for yourself, you will be wondering how is it redeemed? We tell you how to do it, whether you acquire it digitally or physically.


Netflix gives you certain indications before buying a gift card

Redeem physical Netflix gift card

To get started, just go to this link and log in to the service, if you already have one created. Then, with a coin, for example; scratch the back of the aforementioned card, there you will find the PIN code necessary to redeem it.

Now you just have to enter the PIN on the web page that you opened when starting this process and your balance will be available, thanks to the Netflix gift card. With all this done, you can now enjoy the period offered by the card to watch your favorite content. Once the balance on the card runs out, it will be your decision whether to continue on the platform with a subscription or not.

Redeem digital Netflix gift card

Simply, the steps to follow, except scratching the back of the card, are more or less the same as before. The first thing will be to open the same link as before ( and have the session started, or start it.

Here yes, things change a bit. When you have acquired the digital card, surely you will have received an email with a linkclick on it and Enter the code on the web that we indicated before. Once all this is done, you will already have the amount of money that the card in question contains.

Netflix gift card prices

Now that you know what Netflix gift cards are and how they are used, It’s time to talk about the prices for which you can find them. To tell the truth, here we can leave you the figures they handle in the digital stores that we mentioned beforebut wow, in physical stores working in a similar way.

In the case of Startselect, you can find the digital codes at different prices, and these are equivalent, of course, to the money contained in the card in question. Among them, there are a gift card for 25 euros and another for 50although the most interesting option is the variable card, in which you can choose the amounthaving as a minimum of 25 euros and maximum 200 euros.


As you can see, the prices of the cards are very well specified so that you can choose clearly.

On the other hand, in Becharge, you can also find Netflix gift cards of 25 euros and 50 euros. Of course, the variable card is also available on this website, although here it has other caps, since at least it will have to be 30 and at most you can reach up to 150 euros for the card.


At Becharge, although the values ​​of the variable card vary, they have the same prices as on the previous website

In addition to all this, it is worth mentioning that you can have multiple active Netflix gift cards at a time, since each quantity will be added to your account balance on the platform. It’s also good to remember that you can buy them and redeem them later for whatever reason, since they do not expire, they are only spent once they are active.

To finish, keep in mind that these Netflix gift cards are non-refundableso choose the quantity well or be clear beforehand if you want to buy one.

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