New Brookhaven Race Car Drift Update – January 2022

Roblox Brookhaven has just released the new race car update for the game on January 21st, 2022. This release brings a few new sporty vehicles to the game and the ability to set the drift on your vehicles to skid around turns. You will also find a new house that allows you to show off your vehicles and wealth. You can find more details on the update in the patch notes area below!

Brookhaven January 2022 Update Patch Notes

  • New Rp Set
  • New Apartment
  • Three new vehicles
  • New vehicle drift settings in vehicle speed.
    • Lower drift number for more drift

New Cars

There are three new cars available, but just one of them is usable for free. They are a racing truck, super car styled Ferrari-like vehicle, and a NASCAR racing-like vehicle. The truck is free and you will need the Premium Gamepass to use the other two.

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When you’re in a vehicle, you now have the option to set the drift. You can do this by hitting the speedometer button in the car menu where you set the speed. You start off at 1, which is normal driving. If you hit the minus button, your car will drift more when you take a turn. The further you get to 0, the more drift it will have. Zero is basically your car just spinning around in circles.

New House

A new house is now available for the player who wants to show off their car collection. In the underground of this already large house is a huge garage area where you can repair your cars or show them off by parking them on a spinning floor area!

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The new apartment is a Bike Shop, where you can RP as the owner of the shop and allow people to purchase your wares from it.

That’s everything we know about the January 21st, 2022 update for Roblox Brookhaven. Be sure to check out the Brookhaven section of our website for more details on the game.

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