New Elden Ring Glitch Makes Your Horse Fly Above the Lands Between

To make traveling through the Lands Between easier, why not use this new Elden Ring glitch to fly on Torrent?

If one of your biggest issues with Elden Ring is that traversing around the map is too slow, we’ve got a solution for you. A new glitch will let Tarnished zip around the dangerous world of Elden Ring from the skies, using their trusty steed.

Recently, Elden Ring speedruns have really been taking off. The fastest time to complete ‘s latest release is already under half an hour, and dropping steadily with each passing week.

Those looking to clutch a faster time will make use of these best speedrun weapons and Ash of Wars to one-shot bosses, but simply dealing damage isn’t enough.


After all, your horse Torrent can only run so fast, and can’t appear in all areas of the Lands Between. That’s where this new Elden Ring flying glitch comes in…

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How to Fly on Torrent in Elden Ring

If you’re looking to soar among the clouds of Elden Ring, we’ve got just the trick to help you out. This new Elden Ring exploit lets players fly, using nothing more than their horse.

It’s always been possible to skip areas like Stormveil Castle in Elden Ring using legitimate methods. But now you can skip any area of ​​the map that you just don’t fancy dealing with (so long, Lake of Rot!)

To fly on your horse, simply follow these steps:

First, get to a high area of ​​the map and get on Torrent.Then, the moment you dismount your horse, you’ll need to quit and save the game as fast as you can.To see if you’ve done the first steps Correctly, when you load back in Torrent should be standing by itself nearby. If your horse isn’t there, you simply didn’t exit the game fast enough.Then, get to any corner of the map where it’s possible to jump off and fall to your death.Slowly edge forward until you’re right on the last pixels of the ledge.The moment you begin to fall, you need to exit the game fast once again.When you load back in, Torrent should be gone and you’ll be on the edge once more.When you try and summon Torrent for a Crimson Tear Flask, nothing will happen.However, summon your mount once more and Torrent will not only appear but it’ll also be flying!

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Now you’re free to explore the Lands Between on your trusty steed. To go higher, simply ride Torrent to any area of ​​elevation for a boost.

To get down however, you’ll need to find yourself at an area where Torrent can still reach the ground and then dismount. Or simply save and reload to appear back where you started this trick.

Be warned, you cannot jump when flying in Elden Ring or Torrent will get stuck and die.

methods Using such as these, one player has already beaten Elden Ring 100 times!

Meanwhile some fans are using their time to make Marvel villain Thanos in the Lands Between!

Thanks to YouTuber Caspahz for showing us how to fly in Elden Ring using the video guide below:

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