New Pokemon are on TV and watched on Sunday, February 27th

A full-blown Pokemon Presents live stream with its weekly shows closing on Pokemon Day this Sunday, February 27th.

Although Pokemon has been getting a lot of hard Pokemon in the past few days from the big day, it’s not going to be the next generation of games.

With the lustrous new Diamond, the Shining Pearl update makes useless trainers who cheat on Pokémon.

More important announcements for a Nintendo Direct and a reserve of Pokemon Presents streams. The last Pokemon Presents was held in August 2021, when the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl and Arceus were all reported. The Show That Presents was twice as long as it was planned for this week, but the show did not have two completely different games.

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Pokemon Presents announced in 2019. Pokemon Direct is a Pokemon. That event was just seven minutes long so how much did we see, and why was it a very successful period? Sobble, Grokey and Scorbunny, is the Galar region of the beginning, and the region in which it originated. Since Sword & Shield were announced in 2019 as the Sun & Moon announcement in 2016, all signs point to this much-anticipated ninth generation’s manifested moment. The most bizarre Pokemon game of all time has been: Sleep.

During a number of announcements this week, The Pokemon Day Celebration, such as the release of Hoopa in Pokemon Unite, updated for Pokemon Masters EX and new Kanto starter Max Raids for Sword & Shield. No one has been sexy yet, but I know they’re no longer a new TCG or a new generation, but there is hope!

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The Pokemon Presents presentation will begin at noon Thursday, February 27th, at the Pokemon franchise’s 26th anniversary (via Serebii). It’s going to be streamed live through the official YouTube channel.

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