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There’s a Temptation to Leave The Next Up with a complete blank apologizing and playing Elden Ring. This is the last minute of February at Swanned In, and its hard to imagine an alternative to this game of Topping Our Backlogs.

But that would be abandoning our holy and sworn duty to the Nexts. Announcing the coming month for all Xbox games next year.

Seeing as our notes were fading, the best games from March 2022 were spotted. There’s a game called Tiny Tinas Wonderlands. This is strange in the sense that it is a full game inspired by DLC. If, like us, Borderlands is a great location for its most untouched places, then they should be. That is without mentioning a new Final Fantasy game, Elex II, and some nice indie-themed games and sequels. Maybe the Elden Ring has some competition after all.

Elex II

We’re preparing Elex II. This is one of those games with a huge open world and a very ambitious pitch, but with a half its budget, where, say, Horizon: Forbidden West. The Ubisoft logo stamped on it with an open world.

The sequel to the cult-hit Elex was created by Piranha Bites, who used to be the producer of the cult hits, followed by the Risen and Gothic series. This is more of a doubt without the flex formula. The attack was done in a tactical position, with a range in combat, with a choice-based dialogue and an alien invasion from the entire planet saving the noble goal.

Far: Change sluggish attitudes.

What a flowering treat! What a gift! It got us through February 2019 and if you hadn’t had the chance to play it, we would urge you to try, do so. It takes a fictional adventure game, a basis-management sim, giving a ship and then charting a course, requiring you to open locks and put out fires to bid and escape. We didn’t do it. It’s one of those games that should be played with as little introduction as possible.

And now we have a sequel. Information is rich and sad – but the review is all that clear, but developer Okomotive believes it is a sister of the original, set in the same world. The challenges are the same and the challenges are great for us. Without enough fuel you must navigate through the world of floods. Only salvage and resourcefulness will make you there. If the screenshot is going on, this game will become the best time of year for you, as long as you don’t mind the smell of gray and brown.

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The crow crows are a squint he says.

This theme is Submerged: Hidden Depths. It’s a sequel to the acclaimed indie game “Food Across, Where The Sea Flows In A Flooded, Apocalyptic World And You’re Crammed In A Boat, For Something Like That. Sounds like the sky is sunk; The walls are hidden, and the walls are hidden, and the wind smells are hidden. The change adrift will make a strong double-bill for the weekend.

The two games have different gears. Submerged: Hidden Depths trundles over the middle. With that, and we hesitate to use the stupid term, but it is the salesmen for a bonus. We have our mouths on the little tidie.

This is not a “combat adventure”; Where you have to make a splash in the water and explore the city of hidden jewels, and look up the relics and stories of riches, like the first game. I can’t believe that a curse is cursed upon you by each island. If the first game is a chance to float, it’s not too great; It sounds as good as it will be.

WWE 2K22

Indie games are almost enough, so now they’ll become leotards in grown-ups. WWE 2K20 was a stinker for no game of the fallow year after that, 2K have returned with a bullish determination to make something that people really want to play WWE 2K22.

The wazoo we get out of the modes. Taking the lead of the EA Ultimate Team, Where’s MyFaction Where You Can Collect, Manage and Upgrade Wrestling Superstars and Create Teams There are no more than two adventures called MyRISE, who take two wrestling enthusiasts to the top.

What’s more important, the chassis was completely revamped. This was an all-new tool, re-rescanners and cinematic angles. At 2K, there were all the right areas to be found.


Announced at E3 2017, TUNIC looked like an attempt to replicate the legend of the Zelda formula. But the single person of the work is the design, developing and sculpting of the material, which means that it takes a long time to bake the usual method. Fast forward to today, we finally got our hands on TUNIC.

It looks gorgeous and we can’t wait to play it. That story tells a young fox washed up on a mysterious beach looking to survive and get home. And while there is a lot of new stuff to unlock, dungeons that it offers, we wonder if we’ll care.

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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin?

Stranger of Paradise is not allowed by experts, but here we are, our own Final Fantasy fanboy, Richard Dobson.

The classic Final Fantasy was rewritten with almost 35 years of storytelling. After some years of development, Square Enix have turned their attention to some of their classic stories. Final Fantasy VII is coming to an end. The original Final Fantasy game has gone, now called Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

Since the combat has been badly rectified, it doesn’t just get an upgrade. The Stranger of Paradise by Nioh and Ninja Gaiden, is a full-bodied action game.

If a very darker game, even more mature and violent, Final Fantasy is very intriguing. We just hope that you can deliver it as well.

Tiny Tinas Wonderland.

One of the longest moments of the Borderlands came just a moment before its death. A key to the title is the classic Tiny Tinas, and it was an impressive addition to the newly spoofed add-on series. It was like a psychotic Tiny Tina planned a game of Dungeons & Dragons for other vault-hunters, and it was as bizarre as it could be.

The Dragon Keep Burns for The Love is so bright that the Gearbox has decided to make a complete game-based premiere that will feature Tiny Tinas Wonderlands. So, partner up with three friends and create a multiplayer on local co-op, roll a multi-class hero that can draw other participants and then fire some new dice-cannons. With all the Bardbarian and the Fairy Punchfather, you know this is a Nobel Prize for literature, but we wouldn’t have it a whole other way.

The world of Kings three-time and three-dier Crusaders.

We’re looking at the Xbox fence when Crusader Kings III launches in 2020, wishing we could return to our platform. But we knew that was possible: this was a dense and rich Middle Ages simulation, whose home was clearly on PC. Nobody could pass as a controller with his strategy.

Show us what we know. Paradox Development has laughed at our faces and did it anyway. Grab a kingdom, then begin the earliest days of the Middle Ages, and build an inheritance, as you and your heirs push for more land and more status in the courts. Everyone may be romanced, backstabbed, executed or conquered, and the orders of choice will come in order. The map covers England from Burma to the US, and I think there is a huge depth of Crusaders, III. So hopefully you can check it out a few months.

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Shadow War 3 has been set up by the other side.

There’s some big, nasty action with hulking trolls that can’t beat their own arms. Cue the Second Age of the Dark Age (Severing the Dark Shadows), the first two years since the War of Refuge. As bloody you remember, there are a few who like this taste of action.

The second shadow of the story, which follows the story of Lo Wang and the son of Orochi Zilla, looks down and cuts down on the cave from an evil dragon rescuing the last title they made. The dragon is an apocalypse. So it can be tidied up in advance. The mask of a dead god, dragon-eyed egg and armoury would make The Matrix weep from Neo. It is possible to subtract from the file so far away.

Little Orpheus

The Mandarin Room, The Makers of Everybodys Gone to the Rapture and the Amnesia series, is coming soon to Little Orpheus. It’s been a long time now, and now it’s turning around the Xboxes. But after a lot of wait, became more and more games packed with bonus material.

Little Orpheus is a studio known for its walking simulators. This is a 2D adventure, not too far away from Prince of Persia or the Oddworld series, and it follows a 1960s cosmonaut as he describes what happened in the space of three years. It’s a photonic joy, drawing on the 60th-century science fiction like Dan Dare and Buck Rogers. The most publications in Glowing readers. I think this could be a surprise March hit.

Here you have that. The killer game can’t hurt your Elden Ring releasing on Xbox One in March 2022. But there are plenty of players out there who can play the next game.

It’s April’s first year of the year. It would be nice to say that the much-delayed LEGO game will be launched in April. Get in with a remaster of Chrono Cross. It’s possible we’ll remember that one April.

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