Niantic keeps games available in Russia and Belarus, the gameplay for a suspension is imminent

The Sanctions in Russia and Belarus for the Gaming Industry.

Niantic is the latest company that sanctioned the nations. The developer of Pokemon Go shutdown downloads in Russia and Belarus, while the game will also be suspended soon.

We remain with the global community to seek peace and a resolution to the problems and suffering in Ukraine. Niantics are not available for download in Russia and Belarus and there will also be games that will be suspended shortly.

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Niantic (@NianticLabs) March 11-2022

We would like peace and a resolution on the hardship and violence in Ukraine, Niantic said on social media today. Niantic is also responsible for Harry Potter, Wizards Unite, Catan, World Explorers, and Endgame: Proving Ground.

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Niantic is not the only developer who has issued sanctions in recent weeks. Supercell, which is behind the Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars, halted its operations in Russia and Belarus, this week.

The gaming community is working with The Ukraine that invaded the next neighbor, Russia, on Feb. 24th. Since then, many developers and esports organizers have their own way of supporting Ukraine. Sony had a suspended operation in Russia, while Riot Games raised humanitarian efforts for dollars.

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Several tour organizers ban orgs from Russia participating in their events. In addition, many websites, like ESL, let players take part in their competition under neutral banners.

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