Niantic Suspends Pokemon Go March Community Day ticket sales due to Google Play’s cash problem

Earlier today, Niantic acknowledged that it was aware of some issues that affected the ability of players to make purchases in Pokemon, Pikmin: Bloom, and Ingress.

The company monitored the situation and now has a Buy Pokemon Go March Community Day ticket.

Just a few hours after Niantic posted about the Google Play pay, this decision was coincided with a community day ticket that went live to the Pokemon Go store. Now, only users on iOS or other Android app stores can buy a ticket.

Coaches, we removed the March Community Day ticket from all the stores so as to prevent further complications with Google Play has resolved. Thank you for your patience. We’re going to update you soon. #Pokemongo – PokemonGO – #Pokemongo – “Do you wanna know?

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Niantic Support (@NianticHelp) March 12, 2022

As the trainers have said, we’ve temporarily removed the March Day ticket from all stores so that the problem of playing football will not be addressed. Thanks for your patience. We hope an update will be available soon.

Because of Google’s End on Pending Issues, Niantic can only wait until the problem gets fixed and the Community Day ticket goes live again.

Pokemon Gos March Community Day, which will be held at Sandshrew and Alolan Sandshrew, will run on March 13 from 11 to 5pm, ten days a week. It is very likely that this issue will be resolved sooner, but if it is a problem soon to be resolved, then Niantic’s information will provide an update on what will happen to the paid portion of the event.

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