Nintendo puts new Chinese trademarks that have been listed at Gen 9. Before Pokémon Shows will be released

The evidence that a new generation of Pokemon games will be just got stronger today. The Fire Crocodile and Leaf Cat While the trademarks are not publicly accessible, they can be found using the web’s URLs. You can see the filings here and here. These leaks seem to have a little more sense in a similar leak that happened back in 2016, when the Japanese names of the starter Pokemon in the Alola region were leaked on Japanese trademark filings.

While this is a proof that The Pokemon Company will announce a new Pokemon game today, this is the strongest evidence we’ve got. That timeline is, in a way, based on what Game Freak has released, the new generation of Pokemon games every three or three years. Pokemon X and Y were released in 2013, Sun and Moon were released in 2016, while Pokémon Sword and Shield were released in 2019. The Pokemon Company has made more changes in recent years, but these new trademarks could be a sign of a brand new Pokemon area.

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In just a minute, when The Pokemon Company releases the new Pokemon Presents, we’ll be able to know some new projects for the Pokemon Company. Pokemon Presents comes at an exciting time as Pokemon fans don’t know what they should expect. Both Game Freak and The Pokemon Company have shown a willingness to break from traditional Pokemon in recent years. With the release of the DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield, and the paradigm shift that occurred with Pokemon Legends: Arceus, we could expect to get anywhere as hard as we can.

Apart from the new games, Pokemon Presents for the Safest Bet is the announcement of Pokemon Legends: Arceus DLC. This game became a monster hit by Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. This game will be popular when we should. Pokemon Home with Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will be compatible. Finally, it’s possible we’ll hear about new news about Detective Pikachu or Pokemon Sleep, two projects that have been around for many years. Since The Pokemon Company recently released a series of two games, it’s more likely that we’ll get a new game of announcements than a spinoff game (like a new Pokemon mystery game).

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