No Man’s Sky’s Update 3.87 is Coming “Soon”; Fixes Issues from the Latest Outlaws Expansion


Hello Games announced that it is working on a new No Man’s Sky patch to help fix some of the issues that arisen following the launch of its latest Outlaws expansion.

Said expansion was free and arrived last week adding a bunch of new content like new ship types, improved space combat, smuggling, the ability to up to 9 ships, in-atmosphere combat, larger cargo holds, recruitable fighter squadrons, and much more. General Chat Chat Lounge You can check out a trailer outlining the new additions here.

Unfortunately, when you add new content to games, especially to universe-spanning behemoths like No Man’s Sky, new problems can arise occasionally, which is exactly what this new update 3.87 is targeted at.

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Patch 3.87 will apparently be “live on all platforms soon.”

Here’s a full rundown of what to expect from Update 3.87:

Bug fixes

– Fixed a number of issues that prevented pirates from attacking planetary buildings with the correct behaviors.

– Fixed a general issue that caused pirates to attack planetary buildings very frequently.

– Pirates will no longer attack players who are underground, underwater, or in their own base.

– Pirates no longer attack aircraft in low conflict systems.

– Fixed an issue that could cause a pirate raid warning message to display when there was no pirate attack incoming.

– Fixed an issue that caused pirates to deal too much damage when shooting at the player on the ground, and for the player receiving ship-related warning messages when hit.

– Fixed an issue that caused pirate raid markers to fail to clear from buildings when the raid ends.

– Fixed an issue that caused smuggling items to sell at an incorrect markup in Regulated Station.

– Reduced the effectiveness of the Positron Ejector against starship shields.

– Hauler starships can now upgrade their cargo inventory to a larger capacity than other ships.

– Fixed an issue that could cause items in the ship’s cargo inventory to be incorrectly cleaned up when sold.

– Fixed an issue that caused repair kits to be too expensive when purchased with tainted metal.

– Fixed a number of glitches and other visual issues with player capes.

– Fixed an issue that caused squadron ship engines to be very loud while flying in formation.

– Fixed an issue with the solar ship engine vents being constantly flap open and closed in the inventory menu.

– Fixed an issue that could cause the camera to focus out when repairing or installing ship technologies while onboard the ship.

– Fixed a number of instances of missing audio effects.

– Fixed an issue that had the starship utility menu open on the wrong option.

– Improved the appearance of freighter fleet warp-ins.

– Fixed a collision issue with the wings of Solar Class starships.

– Trader ships now use the red hostile target arrow on the starship HUD if they are attacking the player.

– Fixed a crash related to pirate spawning.

– Fixed a crash related to the player frigate fleet.

– Fixed a texture streaming memory leak.

– Fixed an issue that could cause screen flashes in low framerates.

To read the full blog post from the UK-based studio, you can go ahead and click through hereGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

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No Man’s Sky is out now for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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