NYT Crossword Answers 03/12/22

The complete solution for the NY Times March 12 2022 Crossword puzzle is displayed below. This Saturday’s puzzle is edited by Will Shortz and created by Nathan Last.
Clues are grouped in the order they appeared. If the answers below do not solve a specific clue just open the clu link and it will show you all the possible solutions that we have. Nytimes Crossword puzzles are fun and quite a challenge to solve. The Daily Puzzle sometimes can get very tricky to solve. Our crossword player community here, is always able to solve all the New York Times puzzles, so whenever you need a little help, just remember or bookmark our website. Along with today’s puzzles, you will also find the answers of previous nyt crossword puzzles that were published in the recent days or weeks.


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NYT Across Clues

  • paid-offBRIBED
  • Pinky swear, egPACT
  • Pause in the middle of a line of poetryCAESURE
  • Creature also known as a greenflyAPHID
  • Substitute for coffeeNONDAIRYCREAMER
  • Baptisms by fireORDEALS
  • palmed sayhid
  • Prefix with consciousnessECHO
  • Last word of the first sentence of Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis”INSECT
  • PickTAP
  • “Don’t Look Up” star, in tabloidsJLAW
  • Parts of baseballs and minesSEAMS
  • Country with two official languages ​​– Guarani and SpanishPARAGUAY
  • Move from side to side, as a shipYAW
  • 2000 Sisqó hit with a rhyming titleTHONGSONG
  • 1924 tale of derring-doBEAUGESTE
  • New Jersey’s “unofficial rock theme of our State’s youth”BORNTORUN
  • Something picked up by a silent butlerASH
  • MinionsFLUNKIES
  • Basic technique in skateboardingOLLIE
  • Nitwit, to a BritPRAT
  • “What do you want me to do about it?”AND
  • Be plucky?TWEEZE
  • Hollywood, with “the”biz
  • Astronaut JemisonMAE
  • Didn’t cause troubleBEHAVED
  • It might work on a blockDRANO
  • They might work on a blockPATROLS
  • FloorSTUN
  • Europe’s oldest capitalATHENS
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NYT Vertical Clues

  • Lumber toolBAND SAW
  • Turn inREDEEM
  • Musician who helped save Carnegie Hall from demolitionISAACSTERN
  • put-upBUILT
  • muffsERRS
  • Against the ___ (Thomas Pynchon novel)DAY
  • On equal footing, in LatinPARIPASSU
  • mirroredAPED
  • Tea, in MandarinCHA
  • Result of a poor audio connection, perhapsTIMELAG
  • Part of the body first successfully transplanted in 1905CORNEA
  • Exponential ___ (function in physics)DECAY
  • Like many street-level apartmentsNOISY
  • Juice boxes?CHARGERS
  • Rumpusrow
  • Danced to the music of Carlos Acuña, sayTANGOED
  • “We / Jazz ___” (line in Gwendolyn Brooks’s “We Real Cool”)JUNE
  • Popular dishes in Québécois cuisinePOUTINES
  • Went round and round in circlesGOTNOWHERE
  • Record holder for the most MLB All-Star selectionsHANKARON
  • spellBOUT
  • Attire at some academiesBLAZERS
  • Exams for British 18-year-oldsALEVELS
  • Jewelry store toolsSIZERS
  • mindsHEEDS
  • Mentally worn outFRIED
  • Mount with facilityLEAPON
  • Vegan sandwich, for shortpbj
  • Enforcement mechanisms, metaphoricallyTEETH
  • Where to pick sides?MENU
  • Handful, sayBRAT
  • overly rehearsedPAT
  • Occupation of Leo Bloom in “The Producers,” for shortCPA
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