Omori is getting a physical release for Switch and PS4 – Destructoid

The acclaimed indie RPG is getting a boxed copy for its console versions

Omori is making the leap from PC to consoles later this year. And today, Omocat confirms Omori is getting a physical version too.

A physical edition of Omori is currently up for pre-order, both on the Omocat website and Fangamer. It’s available for both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions, and Fangamer currently estimates this won’t ship until June, as of this writing.

The quirky, colourful, and tonally dark RPG Omori was confirmed for Switch at the end of last December’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase. Originally released for just the PC at the end of 2020, Omori will now make its way to consoles. It looks to be a standard edition, with the stark black and white art on the front.

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Omori physical Nintendo Switch and PS4 release box art
Image via Fangamer

This gorgeous, haunting story has picked up a pretty fervent following online. It’s easy enough to draw comparisons to other offbeat RPGs, from EarthBound to Undertale. It has a style all its own, a battle system that uses characters’ mental and emotional state as status effects, and a story that gets pretty dark the further in it gets. Really, it feels similar in tone to Yume Nikki.

If that sounds up your alley, then there’s a physical edition of Omori available for pre-order right now. No date’s been set yet for the digital versions, on Switch or PlayStation. The Indie World Showcase trailer put out a target of spring 2022, so hopefully we’ll hear another update soon.

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Otherwise, if you can’t wait, Omori is available on Steam here.

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