OnDE: New Rhythmic Game is Coming Out on iOS and Switch in 2022

Mixtvision and Lance announced their latest project ONDE. The game is planned to be released on PC, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. You’ve got nothing about a possible Android release. When we leave a party with Android, we were again looking at a studio. Maybe because of the easy use of paid games on the platform.

ONDE is a puzzle-platform game that’s a really relaxing musical title. By using only its most beautiful visuals and his lovely soundtrack, the game will tell a very complex story throughout. You’ll find various abstract and colorful destinations.

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By creating waves, players take paths to beautiful worlds, from dark underground caverns to bright space. In each new area, players will be able to bring new mechanics that will bring them a new level of experience and a sense of ‘non’ frankness.

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OnDE launched as a small project at the Global Game Jam 2017 event held in France. The developers will discuss the fundamentals of the game for the first time, including waves and surfing. Because of its striking art style, the title attracts a lot of attention at various PAX events. The award-winning writer was selected for the IndieCade Festival awards. She passed the International Game Competition or the Internationale Prize in London in 2017, or, however, the Prix Arte Creative Award.

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