OR Esports defines Rooter as a broadcasting partner who is the only source

Indian esports organisationor Esports has partnered with the online esports and video streaming platform Rooter.

The platform has become the exclusive broadcast partner of the organization. From the ground up, the platform will broadcast coverage of the BGMI tournaments and esports.

(ESI Illustration) Image credit: OR Esports and Rooter, or Esports and Rooter.

As well as implementing the services and social platforms, Rooter will launch its logo to OR Esports.

Robert Robertson, CEO of Rooter, talks about the deal: OR Esports has already taken the Indian BGMI space by storm with their highly talented, playfully unpredictable crew of content creators, and their living legends. Teaming up with them will help us build a great, massive, competitive group of streamers and influencers on our platform.

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This deal represents the first of two organisations’ 2022. In January it agreed to buy a fast-food franchise with KFC India for a decision on its BGMI roster and a chicken winner.

According to the Norwegian Organization for Human Rights in January 2019, OR Esports is the only Indian organization to achieve a top-three position in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship. The team, most recently, finished seventh in the Mobile India Series and took home $ 1,334 (1002.99) in prize money.

Kasturi Rangan, President of OREsports and CEO of PTW, said: “We are excited to partner with Rooter to deliver an incredible gaming experience to our team of streamers and fans.” The country’s leading player, and the community backed us to deliver their commitment to high quality Esports in India.

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This partnership will provide a perfect platform for Rooter to engage its new professional gamers and streamer community with our team members and achieve common milestones.

Esports Insider says: OR Esports is strengthening its position in India, adding another partner to the ongoing roster. The region is one of the largest streaming platforms with Joining Forces to expand its reach in a surefire way.

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