Original Dying Light gets next-gen PS5 patch, on Xbox One

Dying Light

The first zombie parkour game gets an update for newer consoles

Hot off its sequel release last month, the first Dying Light is getting some next-gen updates. The Dying Light PlayStation 5 patch is out now, with an Xbox Series X | S coming soon.

The PS5 Dying Light patch adds several new modes for playing. Performance will target 60 frames per second at 1080p resolution, while high-resolution will go for 30 FPS at 4K. Balanced strikes the middle, with a 60 FPS target at 1440p.

The PS4 Pro also gets an update, bumping it up to a 30 FPS cap. As for Xbox, the patch is “just a few days away” according to Techland. The Xbox Series X will target similar resolutions and frame rates to the PS5 with its modes, while the Series S and Xbox One will get a performance mode (1080p and 30 FPS) and resolution mode targeting 1440p and 30 FPS.

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The full patch notes for the update are available on Techland’s blogGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

The first Dying Light Launched back in 2015 for previous generation consoles, so it’s getting a next-gen patch. The sequel, Dying Light 2: Stay Humancame out just last month.

Now it looks like the installation of the undead parkour is both available and tuned for the new generation of consoles. Between both, it sounds like there’s a lot of game to play through if you’re looking to maximize hour counts too. It’s a busy spring, but there’s at least another reason to jump back into the streets and rooftops of Harran.

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