Past Wordle Words, List Of All Past Wordle Answers, Can I Play Past Wordles?

Past Wordle Words

Wordle is a simple word guessing game in which players are given a five-word puzzle to solve using letter position clues. The player is presented with four rows of five empty boxes in Wordle. Simply type a random five-letter word into the website, and the website will highlight specific letters in green if they are correct, yellow if they are correct but in the wrong place, and gray if they are not in the word at all. To be successful, players must use these facts to figure out the word within the six guesses.

Guessing games of this nature have been around for a long time. Some people may recall the ancient board game Mastermind, in which players must guess the color of a row of colored pegs using the same hint methods as Wordle. If players want to test the game for themselves, they can go to the Wordle website, which offers a new puzzle every day, keeps track of players’ win streaks and guess distributions, and has a popular sharing feature. Wordle also offers a ‘hard mode’ option that prevents players from using letters that have already been confirmed to be erroneous. If you have come here for the Past Wordle Words, you can check below for the List Of All Past Wordle Answers.

List Of All Past Word Answers

The below table shows the List Of All Past Wordle Answers of the year 2022.

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Date Wordle Answers
1st March 2022 RUPEE
28th February 2022 CHOKE
27th February 2022 CHANT
26th February 2022 SPILL
25th February 2022 VIVID
24th February 2022 BLOCK
23rd February 2022 TROVE
22nd February 2022 THORN
21st February 2022 OTHER
20th March 2022 TACIT
19th February 2022 SWILL
18th February 2022 DODGE
17th March 2022 SHAKE
16th February 2022 CAULK
15th March 2022 SMELL
14th March 2022 CYNIC
13th March 2022 robin
12th March 2022 ULTRA
11th February 2022 ULCER
10th March 2022 PAUSE
9th February 2022 HUMOR
8th February 2022 FRAME
7th March 2022 ELDER
6th February 2022 SKILLS
5th February 2022 ALOFT
4th February 2022 PLEAT
3rd February 2022 SHARD
2nd February 2022 MOIST
1st February 2022 THOSE
31st January 2022 LIGHT
30th January 2022 WRUNG
29th January 2022 COULD
28th January 2022 PERKY
27th January 2022 MOUNT
26th January 2022 WHACK
25th January 2022 SUGAR
24th January 2022 KNOLL
23rd January 2022 CRIMP
22nd January 2022 WINCE
21st January 2022 PRICK
20th January 2022 ROBOT
19th January 2022 POINT
18th January 2022 PROXY
17th January 2022 SHIRE
16th January 2022 SOLAR
15th January 2022 PANIC
14th January 2022 TANGY
13th January 2022 ABBEY
12th January 2022 FAVOR
11th January 2022 drink
10th January 2022 QUERY
9th January 2022 GORGE
8th January 2022 CRANK
7th January 2022 SLUMP
6th January 2022 BANAL
5th January 2022 TIGER
4th January 2022 SIEGE
3rd January 2022 TRUSS
2nd January 2022 BOOST
1st January 2022 REBUS
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Can I Play Past Words?

Wordle lovers, rejoice! Past Wordle puzzles are now available to play online. Because the original Wordle game has a rigorous one-puzzle-per-day framework, this is how you may hone your word-guessing skills and perfect them in preparation for the daily problems ahead.

The Wordle Archive gives you access to all Past Wordles from the viral word game’s history.

Devang Thakkar, a computational biologist and designer, founded the Wordle Archive in early January as an open-source tool “built with love.” In January, Thakkar tweeted that his archive of him was receiving over 100,000 daily visitors, demonstrating the public’s need for more Wordle.

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How Can I Play Past Words?

  • With the help of Wordle Archive, fans can play earlier Wordle games. It contains all of the word puzzles from Day 1 in 2021 to Day 1 in 2022. You can either continue playing in descending order or click on a link for a certain date and begin guessing.

  • Aside from that, there’s the Archive, which contains previous games. It’s a Devang Thakkar archive that works quite well.

  • There’s also a Wordle Time Machine, where you may choose a date and play the Wordle puzzle for that day.

If you want the game to offer you a random challenge, go to the “Play a Random Wordle” section on the Wordle Archive. There are no limits to the number of words you can guess in these random puzzles.

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